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Athleta is a women’s health garb agency that creates activewear for diverse sports from walking and training, to hiking and yoga. The clothing brand offers all matters of health from exercise garments to swimwear-along with comfortable high-overall performance garb for work! But who’s Athleta, the brand?

A fresh, composed outfit that says, “I’m in control of my life, and I’m ready to succeed in all of its areas (professional, personal, and social)” is ideally what I’d like to wear during the day, but thanks to one annoying little thing which is called commuting, it’s a dream that begins and ends in the confines of my apartment when I get dressed every morning.

Athleta discount code

If teleportation existed, I don’t assume all people could have a hassle retaining each her look and her comfort. Sadly, it doesn’t, and sorts of commuting like the subway, biking, and on foot will ought to hold annoying my choice of apparel.

Atheta’s new collection, Commute/Workout, bridges the divide among workwear and exercise garb to cope with the fact of what number of girls get to and from work, and the entirety they do among and after.

Athleta Performance Workwear

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“Performance workwear,” and specifically Athleta’s take on it, is the most effective form of women’s workwear you will need to put on due to the fact it is as comfortable and activity-friendly as activewear, however additionally as smooth and stylish as workwear.

  • Stellar Pants, for the Cross-Country Commuter: Smooth and structured, yet stretchy
  • City Pants, for the Office Warrior: Cool and lightweight, with a relaxed fit
  • Wander Pants, for the Bike Commuter: Soft and silky, abrasion-resistant and water-repellant
  • Street Tights, for the Run Commuter: Streamlined and stretchy, allows for maximum movement 
  • Within each of the themes, there are pants, jackets and sweaters, tops and button-downs, and tights ranging in price from $49 to $198.

Athleta Lightning Tight in Supersonic


The Athleta Lightning Tight in Supersonic is a high rise legging designed “for long-distance, quick distance, and trail running.”

  • Fabric: Recycled Nylon/Elastane
  • Color: Black, Billard Teal, Antique Burgundy
  • Size: XXS-XL, 1X-3X (Plus)
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, Breathable, Quick-drying, UPF 50+ Protection, Sustainable
  • Price: $98
  • Care: Machine wash

Athleta Run Free Bra in Supersonic

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The Athleta women’s Run Free sports bra is true to its name, so no need to worry about your boob bouncing and spilling out because this bra will hold you down. Note: the underhand is super tight; brace yourself because it will be a struggle to get in and out of the bra, but the support makes it worth it!

  • Fabric: Recycled Polyester/Lycra
  • Size: XXS-XL
  • Price: $49
  • Color: Black, Billard Teal, White
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, Quick-drying, Breathable, UPF 50+ Protection, Sustainable
  • Care: Machine wash

Athleta Regular Size Chart


Who Should Buy Athleta Activewear

  • Great for gym workouts, running, HIIT, cycling, hiking, etc.
  • Good for athleisure styling
  • Perfect for low to high impact activities.
  • Not so good for the active fashionista on a budget

As the traces among work and life blur, and office dress codes loosen up, your closet have to additionally adapt appropriately. Athleta’s Commute/Work pieces offer each the overall performance and versatility.

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