Where To Buy Cheap Designer Jeans? Update

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Not long ago we were looking for cheap jeans and the first thing we did was see what the jeans category had in store for us on AliExpress. After trying to find jeans from Levis, Lee, Diesel, dSquared, Armani, Dockers, Pepe Jeans, Abercrombie, we came to the conclusion that there are very few original brand jeans on AliExpress.

The positive side of this discovery is that you can find Chinese jeans for, sometimes, less than a third of the price of branded jeans because they rarely exceed $20. And if you absolutely want originals, take a look top brands website.

What original brands of jeans are there in AliExpress?

We know that many brands have started selling genuine products on AliExpress, but there are also many who have not made the switch to this Chinese platform. Unfortunately, most of these well-known brands are not active on AliExpress, but we still recommend that you go to the Global Version and do a search.

Make sure the brand exists on AliExpress

Two things can happen:

1 – You can’t find anything with the names Levis, Pepe Jeans or others

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This is because fights against fakes and thus blocks searches for certain brands whose imitations are lying around.

2 – You come across imitation brand jeans

It is very simple to identify the replicas among the genuine products. The sellers themselves make it easy for you because if they don’t add the guaranteed authenticity logo, it’s a knockoff.

The ultimate trick to identify the original pants

  • Compare prices and add a pinch of common sense to that. There is no way genuine Levis 505s cost $20. You will therefore be faced with an imitation.
  • To avoid aftershocks, don’t trust jeans that cost less than $40-50. Don’t worry, it’s relatively easy to find reasonable prices on top brands. Nothing too incredible but they can cost 15-20€.

And if delivery is free for USA, which is the case on, you will only have to wait two or three weeks to receive the product.

To leave out imitations, you will find more and more Chinese jeans brands. They don’t cost more than $20 and have many sales and reviews. Here are the three best-selling brands:

What about Chinese sizes?

This is another aspect to keep in mind. What size pants should I buy if I buy jeans ?

Finding the right size can be a tedious process if you don’t know how to go about it. It is important to know that the sizes can vary a little from one seller to another. We therefore recommend not to rely and follow these three steps with each order:

  • Look at the seller’s equivalence table; you will find it by looking at the bottom of the product page. You will find the sizes in centimeters and their equivalence.
  • Make sure that the seller has a good reputation and that the feedback given by buyers is positive. If so, that’s a good indication that the products he sells fit right.
  • Read reviews left by consumers. If there are size problems, consumers will recommend that you buy one size larger or smaller.

Original brands and free delivery within 24 hours

These two platforms both offer many advantages, this one is one of them. Your order will be less expensive.

You just need to check that cheap jeans from include the phrase “FREE shipping” in the product description.

There is also the possibility of receiving the product in 24 hours. Sign up for website service: for $20 a year, you can benefit from many advantages including free delivery within 24 hours. if you don’t want to spend these $20, you can register for the trial month and then terminate the contract.

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