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The official website of Roxy offers women’s youth clothing in beach and casual style. Target audience: girls with good taste who do not prefer sophisticated, uncomfortable red carpet looks, but comfortable and beautiful wardrobe items. The brand’s products are ideal for beach holidays, surfing, holidays in a warm country, everyday wear in the city.

Roxy Clothes: The History Of Appearance

The brand is a subsidiary of the well-known company Quiksilver. In 1990, the company’s management discovered that there were surfer girls, but there were no special clothes for them. It was necessary to urgently occupy this niche, because no one had yet offered a women’s line for sports on the waves. At that time, there was a huge selection of men’s equipment and specialized goods, but not women’s.

Roxy Clothes: The History Of Appearance - Ecouponsdeal

Roxy Range Expansion

At some point, it became clear that girls in amateur sports are serious and for a long time. Demand has increased for special uniforms for yoga, Pilates, Zumba, fitness and other predominantly female areas. Then the official website of the Roxy online store expanded its catalogs and offered sports solutions of various stripes.

Roxy Range Expansion - Ecouponsdeal

Soon the casual line was released. It goes well with the brand’s beach and sportswear, there are many common motifs. In fact, everyday things can be called the perfect set for a summer vacation – these are comfortable and practical models that look smart enough for walks, cafes and chic photos. At the same time, you can immediately pick up a travel suitcase or a Roxy backpack for travel. Now a line for skiing has also been added, so if you want to spend a vacation in the mountains, you will not have to change your favorite brand.

What else does the company offer?

Stylish household goods, shoes, sunglasses, hats, belts and wallets, bags. 
There are lines for girls from 4 to 14 years old. The scale of the brand has long caught up with its older brother Quiksilver, the range is huge.

Roxy Style Features

Roxy’s online store designs with beach scenery as inspiration. There are few trendy solutions here, the brand does not bend to trends, it makes its own unique product. This will really appeal to those who do not like to adapt to fast fashion and in a hurry to look for new models every season.

Moreover, the products of this manufacturer have increased wear resistance and retain their appearance and quality for a long time, they will surely serve for more than one year.

The clothes of the Roxy online store are diverse enough to complete your wardrobe. There are no solutions in business style and for special occasions, otherwise there is everything. If you do not adhere to a strict dress code, then many models are suitable for the office, these are stylish urban outfits with a twist.

Roxy Style Features

These are solutions for active and easy-going girls who go in for sports, after which they quickly change into ordinary clothes and go to win hearts. This is how designers see their clients when they create images.

There are options for all seasons. There are jeans, warm cardigans, dresses, shirts, t-shirts, skirts, in autumn a Roxy branded jacket will come in handy, and in summer a light floral romper.

Buying from the Roxy online store

You can order branded products via the Internet – the official Roxy website will delight you with a huge assortment and a clear, simple interface.

Fabrics and prints are designed for constant contact with sunlight, salt water or snow, taking into account significant mechanical wear during sports. Therefore, the brand’s products are very strong and durable, the color does not wash out, the shape remains original for a long time. So value for money is very good.

How to save money on shopping

When registering on the manufacturer’s website, you can get a lot of bonuses: a discount on your first order, a useful mailing list for updates and promotions, Roxy promotional codes. Sometimes the brand gives good discounts to regular customers. There is a SALE section, which is constantly updated.

How to save money on shopping

Be sure to check for Roxy holiday promotions; when updating collections, you can also get a significant price reduction. The sale of the brand’s products is found on stock American sites, but the assortment there is much smaller – older collections and the latest copies from batches with a limited choice of sizes are sold more often at a discount.

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