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Is it possible to buy a wool sweater at a discount in winter? Of course, yes, if you order clothes in United State of American online stores. Find out how to choose a stylish 100% wool or blend sweater.

In 2022, you need to buy quality wardrobe items in the USA. American retailers sell stylish wool sweaters at a big discount in November-December, when Black Friday and Christmas sale take place. And in popular outlets, discounts up to 80% are available 365 days a year.

In the US, discounts and sales are a regular occurrence. And even in winter it is easy to buy a woolen sweater for a promotion. Here is our top list of online stores with cheap clothes:

  • 6pm;
  • Macy’s;
  • Saks OFF 5TH;
  • Nordstrom Rack.

The 6pm outlet is the most famous site for cheap branded shoes. But the clothes in the catalog are presented in large quantities. The outlet is aimed at a budget-conscious audience, so many products are available with a 60%-80% discount. You can buy a woolen women’s sweater for less than $30. The catalog filters contain simple designations: wool (wool), cashmere, angora.

For $36, we found a white wool pullover with a high neck. In short, the range and prices of 6pm will not disappoint you.

Macy's is an ordinary online store-ecouponsdeal

Macy’s is an ordinary online store with regular promotions. You can buy a woolen men’s sweater for $50 if you wait for the sale. Catalog category designations: Wool & Wool Blend, Wool & Cashmere Blend, Cashmere. Macy’s is known for its loyalty to American brands, so check the site for prices on pullovers by Calvin Klein, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger and more.

Saks Fifth Avenue Boutique sells exclusive branded clothing, incl. your name. It is not necessary to know all the names presented – it is enough to trust the reputation of the retailer. The company has its own Saks OFF 5TH outlet, where women’s woolen sweaters are discounted up to 80%. 

Saks Fifth Avenue Boutique sells exclusive branded clothing-Ecouponsdeal

There are many interesting models available in the catalog in the $30-$50 price range. In the outlet, you should buy a basic Saks Fifth Avenue wool sweater with a high neck. Such stylish minimalistic clothing is a must-have in your wardrobe.

The Saks OFF 5TH catalog offers a detailed division of clothing by fabric type:

  • cashmere;
  • Cashmere Blend;
  • Merino;
  • Wool;
  • Wool blend.

The designation blend indicates the addition of other materials to the yarn. Otherwise, pullovers are 100% natural wool.

Nordstrom Rack  Ecouponsdeal

Nordstrom Rack is another premium outlet with up to 70% off sweaters . The range of men’s woolen models is not amazing, but here you can also find an inexpensive winter pullover. Average prices are higher than other sites. But in Nordstrom Rack it is easy to buy a woolen men’s zip sweater. Required catalog filters:

  • 100% Cashmere;
  • 100% Wool;
  • Cashmere Blend;
  • Wool blend.

The Difference Between The Types Of Wool

Often, manufacturers use “regular” sheep’s wool. Natural material is warm, but at the same time it has excellent heat dissipation. That is why woolen clothing does not allow the surface of the body to overheat in a warm room or during physical exertion. However, there are other types of wool that are popular in the production of winter sweaters.

Merino wool (merino) is obtained from the Merino sheep breed. The peculiarity of the material lies in ultra-thin strong fibers, which makes it possible to make a thin, almost weightless fabric. As a rule, merino wool is much softer and does not feel scratchy. Another important advantage of merino wool is antibacterial and odorless even after prolonged wear.

Cashmere is a soft, fluffy wool obtained from the undercoat of the cashmere goat. Pleasant to the touch, durable fabric is often used in the production of woolen women’s sweaters.

Mohair is a soft wool, for the production of which the Angora goat breed is bred. Mohair yarn is relatively large, so the material is more often used to create thick winter sweaters.

Alpaca, llama and camel wool are much less commonly used in the production of pullovers. More often (in the case of camel hair – always) outerwear is made from these fabrics.

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