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Many people think that when choosing a bike for women, you need to pay attention to the same things as when choosing a bike for a man. But, due to the fact that the differences between female models are significant, it is more difficult to choose a bike for girls than for men.

Why were women’s bicycles invented?

In addition to design, women’s bikes are structurally different. What is it for a woman who knows how to drive? After all, she rides on a men’s bike without difficulty?

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The creation of the female model was influenced by the difference in the anatomical structure between them and the representatives of the stronger half:

Growth . Statistics show that the growth of the fair half is less than an average of 10 cm than that of men. Given this, the position of the steering wheel and landing, equally comfortable for them and men, cannot be.

Body length . A woman’s body is 2 centimeters shorter than that of a strong half of the same height.

Arm length . The same can be said about her as about the body – the woman’s arms are shorter, so the handlebars of the women’s bicycle are located closer to the body.

Shoulder width . Here again, women are inferior to men, so they design the steering wheel, taking into account this feminine feature.

Palm size . Women’s palms are smaller than men’s, so wide bicycle handles will cause discomfort. They cause corns to form.

Weight . Since men lead the way in this indicator, the women’s bike must be lighter. The difference in weight is explained by the increased content of adipose tissue in women, which is lighter than muscle, which is more in the opposite sex. A light vehicle will help girls drive with less effort.

Physique . In view of the characteristics of the female body, which are expressed in wide, hips and narrow shoulders, it is inconvenient for girls to ride classic men’s bikes. The way out of this situation was found by leading manufacturers who own the invention of women’s bicycles.

How to choose the right and best women’s bike

We talked about the features of women’s models, as well as the problems faced by the fairer sex during the creation of a truly women’s bike. We will tell you what exactly to look for when choosing a female frame geometry.

First, let’s decide for what purpose you want to buy a bike. Consider the most possible options.

Bicycles for the city

For urban, well-made roads, a standard bike with a slightly lower frame and a wide seat is fine. To fully determine, it is your anatomical features that should be taken into account. So, if your shoulders are very narrow, then be sure to choose a model with the same or adjustable steering wheel. Otherwise, after a couple of hours, your hands will begin to become very numb, and this can provoke an accident.

Calculate the approximate distance from the seat to the pedals at which your feet will not touch anything else while riding. Keep in mind that in the correct version, the knees should not be completely bent with each rotation.

Depending on the terrain in your city, be sure to choose the right tires that will not slip too much, but also will not “melt” in the heat. If you are also going to often ride on sand or gravel, then keep this in mind and do not choose models with too carved surfaces: sand and various pebbles will clog into them.

Regular city bikes often come with interesting bike accessories, like a colorful horn, which is especially important if you’re going to ride on the track or road rather than on the pavement.

Baskets for bags and various small things are also extremely convenient. In some options, there is even a place where you can easily put a child.

If you find it hard to get your two-wheeled friend up and down every time, then consider women’s folding bikes, which can be a couple of times lighter and more compact.

Bicycles for sports

For sports, whether professional or amateur, you need the right bike. In such models, the seat is located quite high, however, given the average length of the legs, the pedals are also located higher than in men’s models. The steering wheel is narrower and closer to the frame.

The frame itself is relatively heavier than bikes for city riding, but lighter than men’s models.

Be sure to consider the presence of a special compartment for storing a water bottle. Some professional modern bikes for women are equipped with heart rate, distance and time meters, as well as a special latch for a music player.

Off-road bikes

If you are fond of riding on mountain trails, be sure to pick up special models. Even if you think that a super-expensive sports bike is much better than a mountain bike, it is not.

In such models, all road options are taken into account, their geometry differs significantly from all other options. The steering wheel in them is located higher, its surface is rougher, which allows you to establish better grip.

The very seat of women’s mountain bikes is located higher and, as it were, slightly tilted, since the direct position is absolutely not suitable for climbs and descents.

The tires are much thicker and stronger, designed for rocky terrain and will not be poked by a small pebble with sharp edges (as is the case with purely sporty models).

The frame is heavier and thicker, and the braking system has several degrees. The brake “holds tighter”, allowing you to reduce the risk of overclocking when descending too much.

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