Victoria’s Secret Review 2022 America’s Largest Lingerie Brand

Victoria's Secret review

Victoria’s Secret is America’s largest and most famous retailer of lingerie, swimwear, apparel and beauty products and needs no introduction.

Many girls in the wardrobe probably have a couple of swimsuits and accessories from this store. Clients of Banderol are no exception! And for those who are not yet familiar with Victoria’s Secret, this article will help correct the situation.

Victoria’s Secret History

Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond, who positions his opening in the fashion world as a brand new store that combines elegance with a friendly environment in which even men feel comfortable. The premise for the creation of the brand was the case when Roy Raymond was choosing underwear as a gift for his wife in a typical supermarket of that time.

Introducing The Love Cloud Collection | Victoria's Secret - Ecouponsdeal

“When I was trying to buy lingerie for my wife, I was faced with numerous racks of terry dressing gowns and ugly floral nightgowns. The feeling that I was an uninvited guest here did not leave me.

That is why the first Victoria’s Secret store was originally conceived as a place for men to choose gifts for their wives. However, these limits have long been erased, Victoria’s Secret departments are never deserted, girls and their boyfriends, mothers and their daughters and just friends constantly come to shop.

It has been proven that it is much more pleasant to choose and buy underwear if you see how it really sits on the figure. And nothing that this is the figure of a supermodel. Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bünchen, Claudia Schiffer, Helen Christensen, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova and many others demonstrated and some continue to demonstrate Victoria’s Secret products on the covers of catalogs – such a little psychological trap for customers.

Victoria’s Secret Promotions

On the official Victoria’s Secret website there is a special page just for promotions. Beauty products, pajamas, lingerie and more! As you can see in the image below, the store has a 60% Victoria’s Secret discount on items from several different categories . Just click here to access this page.

On the brand’s official website you can also browse according to your preferences, as shown in the example below. It is worth remembering that at the time of writing this article the store has free shipping for purchases over $150. Just use the Victoria’s Secret coupon DELIVER150 at checkout at the store.

Victoria’s Secret Range

Today, in more than 1,000 Victoria’s Secret stores across America and in many branches in other countries, in addition to lingerie, the entire range of goods for women is presented, but Victoria’s Secret lingerie remains a priority.

Victoria's Secret to close 53 stores in 2019 - ecouponsdels

So, what can you find in the Victoria’s Secret online store: bras and panties for absolutely every budget and taste, whether elegant or, conversely, sporty. Beautiful pajamas and home sets, cosmetics and accessories, swimwear, clothes and shoes for all occasions. The choice is really huge, and besides, the range is also constantly replenished and updated!

Dream Angels Push-up Bra Large View of Victoria's Secret, Spring Bouquet Push-Up Bra, onModelFront, 1 of 5

Price $79.95 at Victoria’s Secret

Dream Angels Ruffle Mesh Thong Panty

Dream Angels Ruffle Mesh Thong Panty at

$18.50 or any 3/$39 at Victoria’s Secret

Sheer Dotted Mesh Babydoll Panty Set

Victoria's Secret, Very Sexy Sheer Dotted Mesh Babydoll Panty Set at

Price $79.95 at Victoria’s Secret

Essential Triangle Swim Top

Victoria's Secret, Victoria's Secret Essential Triangle Swim Top at

Price $24.95 at Victoria’s Secret


A swimsuit is what a modern girl needs not only in summer, but also in winter. Rest in warm countries has not been canceled, visiting fitness clubs and swimming pools too. Victoria’s Secret is guaranteed to have several models that will fit and please you. The store has a really huge selection of goods for every taste, color and wallet, and if you also have a coupon or a swimsuit is on sale, you will get it literally for a penny, and with it also an original and “unbroken” look on the beach .

So how do you buy Victoria’s Secret swimwear? First of all, you need to choose the collection from which you would like a swimsuit. In other words, style and model.

Gorgeous Very Sexy Forever Sexy Fabulos Beach Sexy

Behind The Victoria's Secret Swim Special: Serious Competition -

But if you don’t know what you want, check out everything Victoria’s Secret has to offer first. The choice here is great. It is also convenient that you can create your own swimsuit and combine the top and bottom as you like: from different collections, different colors, different sizes. It is very comfortable!

Registration On The Site

In order to order something in Victoria Secret, it is not necessary to register, it is enough just to pay for the purchase as a “Guest”. If you want to track the path of your order from Victoria’s Secret to the Parcel warehouse, receive regular messages about what promotions, coupons are valid, about the arrival of a new collection, then yes, registration on the Victoria’s Secret official US website is needed. Everything as usual:

  • Billing address – your registration
  • Shipping address – address of the warehouse

If something does not work out, duplicate the address of the Parcel in the Billing address. And voila, buy without problems!

So, to recap: why do girls love Victoria’s Secret so much?

1. Variety of lingerie, swimwear and more
2. Good quality for a reasonable price
3. A huge number of discounts, coupons, sales

Thanks to the Parcel, you can also buy Victoria Secret products with delivery. As the Americans say: enjoy your shopping!

That’s all, register on our website and buy Victoria’s Secret lingerie and swimwear in America, because it’s really very simple and profitable!

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