Top 15 Designer Jewelry Brands In The World

Top 15 Designer Jewelry Brands In The World

Diamonds are our best friends and that’s the one cliché we don’t have to apologize for. Jewelry remains an important part of our clothing and identity. While some of us dream of buying a Tiffany stone for our wedding, some of us want a set of signature Chanel earrings. In any case, we all have our dreams. But when you dream, dream big or nothing at all. So, today let’s take a look at the TOP 15 most expensive designer jewelry brands.

Tiffany & Co Review

Tiffany & Co Review - Ecouponsdeal

Tiffany & Co has a strong legacy associated with its name and it’s the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about designer jewelry. He first opened a store in 1837 as Tiffany, Young & Ellis and later changed his name to Tiffany & Co. and expanded its base to London and Paris. 

He is known for making world-class haute couture jewelry, be it diamonds, solitaire, or platinum. Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and many other celebrities are his regular customers.

Cartier Review

Cartier Review -ecouponsdeal

Louis Cartier, a French designer, founded Cartier in 1847 in Paris. Within a few years, it gained popularity for making fine jewelry and expanded its base to other major cities in the world. In 1947, Cartier created the legendary panther-shaped brooch with diamonds and the most beautiful gemstones. 

It attracted the attention of the whole world, as well as the Princess of Windsor, who was truly mesmerized by this masterpiece. Since then, Cartier has released another version of this model, which continues to be the most anticipated every year. It is also known for auctioning the finest and rarest jewelry.

BvLgari Review

BvLgari Review - Ecouponsdeal

Bvlgari is an Italian brand founded in the late 18th century by a Greek immigrant, Sotirios Voulgaris. Bvlgari’s signature jewelry is made from multi-colored stones and diamonds that are truly exquisite and unique. 

His most famous collection is the ‘serpentine’, where jewelry such as watches, necklaces and bracelets are coiled in the shape of a snake and set with diamonds and colored stones.

Harry Winston Review

Harry Winston Review - Ecouponsdeal

Harry Winston founded the brand in 1932 and passed away in 1978. The company retained its name and continued to produce fashion and designer jewelry using diamonds and gemstones.

His decorations are very intricate, elegant and structured and you will recognize them when you see them. Celebrities continue to choose Harry Winston on the red carpet even to this day because designers keep the vintage aesthetic intact while designing contemporary jewelry.

Van Cleef & Arpels Review

Van Cleef & Arpels Review - Ecouponsdeal

Van Cleef & Arpels is another French design company from the Art Deco era. It was started by Alfred Van Cleef in collaboration with his uncle, Salmon Arpels. 

His jewelry is all about Old World charm and breakthrough gemstone techniques to make watches, rings, earrings and necklaces. Van Cleef is also known for his futuristic designs, such as the “mystery setting,” which is a setting that brings out the best exposure of each gemstone.

Chopard Review

Chopard Review - Ecouponsdeal

Chopard is a Swiss company founded in 1860 by Sonviellier and is known for making women’s watches. It was sold to a German company in 1960, which retained its name and continued to produce what the company was best known for – women’s wrist and pocket watches. 

Later, he expanded his horizons and continued to make jewelry for women, which is highly valued even to this day.

David Yurman Review

David Yurman Review - Ecouponsdeal

Started by David and Sybil Yurman in 1980 in New York, this American jewelery brand came into existence much later than other major brands. The brand makes jewelry to suit women’s many needs – whether for a red carpet event or as a daily essential. 

Its signature element is the “cable motif”, which consists of wrapping around silver, platinum or gold wire and embellishing with gemstones or leaving it polished. Celebrities are often spotted dressed as David Yurman.

Buccellati Review

Buccellati Review - Ecouponsdeal

Buccellati is a big name not only in Italy (where it was first launched), but also in all other major cities such as New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong. 

With a strong heritage and culture, Buccellati is known for its unrivaled quality and design in gold and silver lace diamond jewelry and stone studded insect and animal shapes, which are beautifully crafted into exquisite pieces.

Boucheron Review

Boucheron Review - Ecouponsdeal

Boucheron was founded in 1860 by Frédéric Boucheron, who produced jewelry for the elite Parisian community, and quickly became a center for luxury jewelry. In 1898,

Boucheron moved to 26 Place Vendôme, which attracted everyone’s attention. It was on the corner of the road and was the brightest, which meant the jewels would sparkle and bring out the best. 

While the headquarters remains in the same place to this day, Boucheron has opened many other stores in Moscow, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, etc. From bespoke designer items to watches and bridal collections, Boucheron remains at the top of his game.

Hermes Review

Hermes Review - Ecouponsdeal

Hermès was founded in Paris in 1837 by the Parisian designer Thierry Hermès. The luxury brand, known for its eccentric colors and bold designs, also makes jewelry for women. He is known for making custom and limited edition jewelry rather than mass produced like his other products. 

Leather is its forte, and as such, it features a design that combines leather and enamel to make contemporary jewelry, along with other exclusive collections of gold and diamonds. Grace Kelly was one of his most regular clients.

Chanel Review

Chanel Review - Ecouponsdeal

Chanel is a French haute couture brand that is not new to any of us. The luxury fashion house was founded in 1909 by the legend herself – Gabrielle or “Coco” Chanel. 

Coco Chanel was known for her revolutionary designs and for believing, voicing and making clothes that combined feminine elements with masculine elements in a way that brought out the best in clothes. Chanel also designs fine contemporary jewelry and luxurious sculptural diamond collections.

Dior Review

Dior Review - Ecouponsdeal

Christian Dior is a master of his game, be it clothes, bags, perfumes or jewelry. The brand’s expansion into jewelry occurred in 1950, as it was a natural development and something to complement its existing product line. 

Dior deals with jewelry that is on both ends of the spectrum – from heavily encrusted multicolored gemstones to fine jewelry – it knows the pulse of the market and its customers.

Mikimoto Review

Mikimoto Review - Ecouponsdeal

If you’re into pearls, you’ve probably heard of Mikimoto, a company dedicated to developing the highest quality pearl jewelry and designer techniques. It was started by a Japanese designer named Mikimoto Kokichi, who was the first to create cultured pearls. 

It started in Tokyo in 1899 and then spread to all the major cities of the world such as London, New York, Bombay, Shanghai, Paris, etc.

H. Stern Review

Stern is a Brazilian design store founded in 1945 by Hans Stern, who is of German descent. After his death, his son, Robert Stern, took over the company and focused on taking on his father’s legacy, expanding the business with innovative projects. 

The H. Stern jewelry collections are one of a kind because most of them are made with creative inspiration from a person or cultural event in history. From Hollywood celebrities to everyone else in the world, H. Stern has a strong presence and loyal customer base.

Graff Review

Graff Review - Ecouponsdeal

Lawrence Graff started his design career in England when he was only 15 years old and went to study with a major jeweler to make it his profession. That is how he founded Graff Diamonds, with its first store in 1962 and several stores shortly after in London. 

In addition to designing fine diamond jewelry, he is known for buying famous diamonds and crafting them. His best work includes working with a 600 carat diamond which is a testament to his talent and his mastery of the technique.

We discussed everything that you had in mind? Did you know about all these designer jewelry brands and their stories? What makes your eyes sparkle when you think of luxurious jewelry? Let us know all about it by writing text in the comments section below.

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