Timberland Review 2022

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What is Timberland?

Perhaps you were not interested in the Timberland brand, or considered it a common trending phenomenon. Make no mistake: the boots, like all Timberland footwear, deserve your attention. Perhaps you even wanted to buy shoes once, but there was a significant obstacle. Price. If you go to a Russian store and compare the cost of Timberland and similar-looking boots from another brand, then it will be difficult for you to realize the benefits of buying Timberland. The benefit is huge.

When you buy a cheap fall/winter pair of shoes, you are making a compromise. It is unlikely that the waterproofed of the boots will please you. And next winter, you are unlikely to come back to wear an old pair. But if you buy waterproof Timberland, then you are definitely not afraid of the rain or snow. The unique technology provides complete protection against moisture. Logically, these shoes were originally designed for builders who do not always walk on a clean sidewalk.

What’s even better about Timberland boots is that they don’t lose their appeal year after year. The winter will pass, the second, the third, and they will still look great. And, of course, they will continue to be in fashion. This is not only due to the quality of tailoring. Natural nu buck, from which the Timberlands are made, is treated with a special solution, so it perfectly repels dirt. In the conditions of spring thaw, this is a valuable quality.

Another amazing advantage of the classic 6-inch model is the relevance with any outfit. If we talk about a more complex women’s wardrobe, then boots can be combined with leggings, a miniskirt, jeans. Even with some dresses.

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So buying one pair of Timberland will save you money over the years. Your feet feel dry and comfortable, and you look fashionable.

Buying Timberland in the USA: cheaper and more diverse

American brand shoes in US have always been considered premium. In the spring of 2022, prices in the official online store set a new record. Timberland’s classic 6-inch boots are now on sale for 36,000 rubles. You will be surprised, but even without discounts, the price for the same model in the US is only $198, which is at least twice cheaper. 

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In addition, many limited edition 6-inch boots are sold in America. They differ from the classic version only in color, but on sales such versions are sold, on average, for $ 100 – $ 120. That is, you can buy Timberlands 4 times cheaper than in USA.

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Finally, you can purchase Timberland PRO shoes online stores. As you can guess from the name, they are intended for use in production. In such shoes, the toe is additionally reinforced. It may not contain special materials (soft toe), have a steel or composite insert (steel toe, composite toe). The sole protects against electric current: in boots, you can step on a bare cable.

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Also, many Timberland hiking models are sold in online stores in America. These are also waterproof boots. They provide maximum comfort on hiking trails.

How to buy Timberland boots with delivery

The purchase of Timberland boots is available services of Parcel. The company offers a “package solution”: the ability to pay for purchases with any bank cards and arrange door-to-door delivery your selected order.

Register on the site , and you can use the Help with the purchase service. Your order in US stores is processed by our specialists, and payment is made from your personal account on Parcel. You can replenish the balance in your personal account with a card of any bank.

Historical facts about Timberland boots

  • The founder of the brand, Nathan Schwartz, emigrated with his family to the United States from the Russian Empire.
  • The first popularity on the international market for the Timberland classic occurred in Italy, where airline employees brought the boots.
  • Timberland became very popular with the New York City hip hop community in the 1980s. The classic 6-inch boots have been worn in real life and in music videos by Tupac, Biggie Smalls (Notorious BIG), Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang Clan. Nowadays, among the fans of the Timberlands are Kanye West, Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding, Pharrell Williams.

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