10 Fashionable Summer Look 2022

Summer is the most pleasant time of the year for making cool images. And, despite the fact that more than half of the summer is behind us, we still have enough time to be fashionable.

We have collected for you the ten most trendy combinations of this season, which we still have time to walk!

10 Fashionable Images For The Summer

Cargo Pants

Officially – the most fashionable trousers of this year! With patch pockets on the sides and an elastic band at the ankle – more sporty, or concise without everything, but always wide – these are more versatile. 

We wear it with simple T-shirts, alcoholic T-shirts, oversized jackets. And the most desperate ones play on contrasts and mix cargo even with heels!

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Basic T-Shirt

The alcoholic T-shirt has just flooded the street-style chronicles of this summer! The most “running” models are black and white.

Wear barefoot or layer over an oversized cotton shirt!

Basic T-Shirt- Ecouponsdeal

Suit With Shorts

A suit is the perfect cure for “nothing to wear”! But, unlike the autumn-winter season, in the hot season we wear suits with short shorts or Bermuda shorts.  

I recommend looking at pastel colors. A win-win 🙂 

Suit With Shorts- Ecouponsdeal


Only shorts can be left from the suit above. They will definitely come in handy this summer. 

Wear with crop tops or bras, alcoholic tank tops and oversized cotton shirts.


Bright Colors

It seems that the total dominance of beige is coming to an end. We are seeing clothes in bright, juicy colors more and more. And if last year fashionistas were limited only to bright green, now all the colors of the rainbow are used. 

• Pink
• Green
• Blue
• Orange 
• Purple
• Yellow 

We combine both with white and black things, and with each other! Summer is still!

Bright Colors-review

Lous Shirt

A real lifesaver. And not only in summer, but all year round! 

The looser the cut, the better. And even better – oversize.

This can be worn to the office with suit trousers and a midi skirt, and combined with shorts in the city or even worn instead of a jacket. The last option is my favorite.

Sweatshirt in the Style of the 90s

I advise you to look at photos of Princess Diana from the 80s and 90s for inspiration.

How Hailey Bieber was inspired to shoot in Paris Vogue. Cool, right? 


A couple of years ago, everyone was crazy about parachute dresses, remember? This summer the situation turned 180 degrees. Everyone desperately wanted to change into feminine dresses that emphasize the figure, and even with slits. It’s all the fault of the series “Euphoria”, where the heroine Maddie wore a similar dress. 

If you don’t already have one, I highly recommend checking it out! It looks especially good in black! 


We move from clothes to accessories. If I had to choose only one accessory for this summer, I would choose a leather belt ! 

Wear it with wide leg trousers! And we decorate ourselves, and we make legs “from the ears”!

belt Ecouponsdeal

White Frame Glasses

They look great both in color and in total-white and black & white images! 

Have a stylish summer, girls!

All the ingredients are already in your wardrobe, you just have to combine them deliciously!

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