Stio Skycrest Insulated Tie Down Shirt Review

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Looking at the insulating layer it seems easy. Until you have to choose from hundreds.

The Stio Skycrest Snap Shirt is one that stands out in the crowd.

Most insulated jackets have a normal fit: full zip front, 2 hand warmer pockets, 1 chest pocket and scuba style hood. The Skycrest shirt takes a different approach. The shirt has snap button front closures and two locking chest pockets – not to mention a blue eye catching look.

Stio REview - Ecouponsdeal

I have had the opportunity to try out the Stio Skycrest Snap Shirt in Moroccan Blue for a month, so far. Here are my thoughts:


  • Very light
  • Packable, easy to pack and stuff down while traveling (I was able to fill it in my own pocket)
  • Warm, insulated Thermore Ecodown (better warmth to weight than most fleeces and sweaters)
  • wind resistant
  • Unique clasp, casual design

The Skycrest Shirt is warm yet incredibly lightweight. This is mainly due to the technical materials used to make the shirt. Shirt Thermore Ecodown insulation, which is lightweight and environmentally friendly. Also, the outer shirt is made from Pertex Microlight , a durable and lightweight material.

Stio REview - Ecouponsdeal

I was able to stuff a Skycrest shirt into my own pocket. The photo compares the size with a quarter.

From my experience, the shirt is wind resistant. I tested the shirt alone and as an insulating layer under a shell during a recent snowstorm in New York (we got about 2 yards of snow). In strong winds, air could blow through the gaps between the latches although this didn’t prove to be a major problem. The jacket is not waterproof, but dries fairly quickly.

Is the shirt as warm as a down jacket? Not exactly, but I would say that it is as warm as a rune around.

The two chest pockets are useful for items you need to quickly access, like sheet music or boarding passes. It can also hold a phone, although I find the pockets a bit too small for an iPhone 6. I don’t usually store things in chest pockets, as heavier items like phones can weigh the pocket down and cause it to sag.

Used more often are the two sides of the warm pockets. One feature I would like the Stio to add would be to make those two pockets zip, or closable in some way. Right now, the pockets are mostly cut on the side of the shroud, and I would feel more secure if I could close them so nothing would fall out.

While the Skycrest down shirt is filled with technical features, it still maintains a casual look, perfect for travelers looking to blend in.

Stio Colter Pant Review: The Best Pants?

What comes to mind when you think of travel trousers?

Just like a little black dress is a ‘must have’ for women, travel pants are a must for adventurous travelers or hikers. How you choose your pants will essentially make or break your journey.

Travel pants come in all types and sizes, but unfortunately, many look like travel pants – those oversized pants with too many bulging pockets, with you daddy jeans . This doesn’t mean that all travel pants are bad or that I don’t like travel pants. In fact, many travel pants are amazing, loaded with tons of technical features such as UV protection, hydrophobicity, and convertibility between pants and shorts.

The Colter Dropped Pants hit the spot, balancing between making a technical pair of hiking pants and casual pants that will blend in with the locals at their next destination. Here are my thoughts:


  • Waterproof, uses Nanosphere technology
  • Breathable
  • Made from Schoeller Turkish Cotton
  • Stretchy, comfortable to wear during active activities or long flights
  • Wear resistant / long lasting
  • Versatile look, can be worn while hiking or at the office (even in the snow!)
  • Soft yet durable canvas feel

Even though the pants don’t feel like a waterproof hardshell, they repel water very well – almost seemed to defy the laws of nature. I ran the Colter pants under running water for a minute with no water seeping in. The briefs are made with Schoeller’s Nanosphere technology. With time, wear and washes, I expect the water resistance to wear down a bit and I will keep this post updated.

Check out my video demo (video has no sound):

I recently walked / ran / sat outside in quite heavy rain for about 20 minutes with my colter pants on. After running around my block in the rain and standing outside, water began to seep around my quads. Drops were still beaded on the pants from the knee down and the back of the pants didn’t absorb water at all.

If you’re hiking and get caught in a massive downpour, these pants will soak, but the Colter pants still outperform any pair of normal pants or jeans that would be completely soaked by the end of my 20 minutes in the rain.

The Nanosphere’s water resistance also helps repel stains, which is useful when traveling – you won’t have to wash your Colter pants if you spilled stuff on them.

when purchasing clothes, consider the location of the resorts where you plan to ride. Weather conditions can be very different on the slopes of Italy and the Moscow region. A kit with waterproof impregnation may not be useful in resorts with a dry frosty climate. A bargain in America will be the models of last year’s season. Unlike our market, US stores offer clothing at affordable prices and in the best assortment, and the main sales of the year Black Friday, pre-Christmas promotions and sales after the New Year will give you the opportunity to buy a set of ski clothing with discounts up to 80%. Don’t forget thermal underwear and warm socks.

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