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A little About Aligners

If you have long dreamed of straight teeth, but were embarrassed to wear braces, there is a way out – aligners, which are not in vain called the most aesthetic method for straightening teeth. Aligners are transparent caps that are made individually for each patient and completely repeat the shape of the teeth.


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SmilePath invisible aligners are transparent, invisible aligners used by orthodontists as an alternative to braces. 

The prospect of wearing braces for several years is a deterrent for many who need teeth straightening, especially when it comes to adult patients. Fortunately, today there is an alternative to iron braces – invisible aligners (invisible). They have a number of undeniable advantages in wearing, care and treatment. And most importantly, they are as effective as braces.

invisible clear aligners - Ecouuponsdeal
  • Invisible clear aligners fit snugly around the teeth so they are invisible when a person is talking or smiling. All aesthetic braces will be visible, no matter what material they are made of and how they are attached to the teeth.
  • Invisible aligners do not interfere with normal hygiene, and therefore do not harm the tooth surface and oral micro flora.
  • If you wear aligners to align your teeth, then you need to visit the orthodontist once every 1.5 – 2 months. Braces will require more frequent visits to the doctor – every 4 to 5 weeks.
  • Would you like to know how long you have to wear braces? Alas, no orthodontist can tell you this for sure. The invisible Tooth Alignment System lets you know exactly how long your aligner treatment will last.

It doesn’t matter how badly crooked your teeth are. If they can be aligned with braces, then aligners can do the same. Almost any orthodontic problem is easily solved with invisible.

With the help of a computer program, the doctor will show you the result of the treatment even before it starts. In 3D format, you will see how and in what time the teeth will move, as well as how your smile will look after the treatment with aligners.

Treatment with invisible will be as comfortable as possible for you.

Food and drink while using aligners

The second important point is that lifestyle restrictions when using aligners are minimal. Yes, yes, unlike braces, aligners really allow the use of any food and drink, if there are no other restrictions from the attending physician.

Oral care is completely normal and does not require any additional hygiene products. Moreover, when wearing aligners, their contact with the oral mucosa is ideal, since the aligners fit snugly against the surface of the tooth, leaving no gaps for the accumulation of food debris and the formation of additional plaque. One thing to keep in mind when caring for your mouth – remember to take care of your mouth every time you eat and are about to put on your aligners.

You can also take care of your oral cavity while wearing aligners as usual. They drank or ate something tasty without removing the aligners – they rinsed their mouths.

Eating and drinking habits Aligners
Food restrictions (diet)Hardly ever
Can be removed while eatingYes
Solid food intake (nuts, crackers, etc.)yes (no aligners, need to be removed)
Food getting between teeth while eatingNo
Residual odor from the mouth after eatingNo
Eating food with dyesno restrictions
Alcohol use (over 21 years of age)there is no pattern
Smoking (contraindication when wearing or not)admissible

Orthodontists and mouth guard manufacturers still advise removing aligners during meals or drinks when using any products, with the exception of plain water at room temperature. Thus, aligners allow you to maintain your usual life and diet, while ensuring the achievement of the desired result.

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