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Short trousers appeared at the end of the 19th century, but shorts became really popular only in the 60s of the XX. The spirit of freedom and breakthrough fashion trends of that time did their job – the chic images of style icons in short shorts graced fashion covers and became a role model for millions of fashionistas around the world.

Shorts do not lose popularity and continue to remain in the top of summer trends from season to season. Popular influencers, models and it-girls love them very much, creating the most unexpected and daring looks: from extra-sporty to discreet evening.

We decided to tell you more about which shorts will make your wardrobe super trendy this summer.


If you, like Olsen and Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, do not want to part with voluminous jackets, we have good news – the perfect summer pair has been found for the oversized blazer – shorts. A jacket with shorts is the main combination of summer 2023, so it is suitable even for trendy girls who dress in accordance with hot trends.

Cycling shorts

This model has long ceased to be associated only with sportswear and has become the basis of a summer wardrobe. The bike shorts are comfortable, perfect for hot weather and look great. Popular it-girls compete in the invention of unusual and stylish outfits based on cycling shorts, combining them with loose shirts, crop tops and asymmetrical t-shirts. We love the stylish pairing with an oversized bomber jacket and thick-soled sneakers. And if you already have a black or gray pair, you should pay attention to the trendy colors of the 2022 season – green, neon yellow, powdery pink and purple.

super mini

It’s time to show off your achievements in sports and mini shorts are the best way to do it! Ultra-short shorts in the spirit of Britney Spears and Beyoncé of the 2000s have again gained immense popularity. See what stylish and sexy images Emily Ratajkowski creates with them!

Loose shorts

The model in cruise style is ideal for travel, sea holidays and country picnics. Can be worn with T-shirts, crop tops and cropped sweatshirts. Looking elegant on vacation is easy, the main thing is to choose the right look. For example, white shorts, a top with wide straps and light sneakers – a minimalist look is ready! It remains to add hoop earrings or a pendant with a small anchor.


Another trend comes from the 90s and zero – remember Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City series. In the late 90s, the theme of boxers was beaten by Victoria’s Secret and Chanel, in 2019 Versace models appeared on the catwalk in boxer shorts. Boxer styling options can be found at the fashion blogger Karina Nigay. For example, she recommends wearing them with loose-fitting cotton and denim shirts, crop tops, loose sweatshirts, and chunky boots or sandals. For an elegant outing, Karina suggests combining boxers with an oversized jacket, heels and massive accessories. Experiment with the color and texture of boxers and don’t be afraid of bold combinations!


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