Biggest Semi-Annual Sales in 2022 & 2023

Semi-Annual Sales in 2022

Summer is the time for profitable shopping in the USA. Many retailers set discounts for all products in the catalog. Find out from our article which stores to pay special attention to.

What are semi-annual sales?

High competition among US online retailers has shaped a new shopping culture. Now you don’t have to wait for Black Friday to buy a new gadget or a fashionable piece of clothing at a discount: manufacturers and multi-brand stores arrange a total sale at any time of the year. In summer, a real fair of unprecedented generosity takes place in America.

Semi-annual sales are a relatively new phenomenon that appeared as a summer version of Black Friday . Although sales in June – July have been around for a long time, they were timed to coincide with certain holidays: Independence Day , or Father’s Day . The introduction of new semi-annual sales has become beneficial for retailers for several reasons. First, each store sets its own total sale dates. Secondly, on national holidays, many Americans prefer to spend time with loved ones rather than go shopping. Therefore, the further away from the summer holidays, the higher the buying activity.

Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual Sale

Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual Sale Ecouponsdeal

Through Parcel you can buy things on sale in the United States. Sign up , get a free personal address in Deliver and order from any US store.

A feature of the summer semi-annual sales in the United States was the emergence of branded promotions. A case in point is brand, which created its own “day”. It is enough to subscribe for a month, during the sale, to buy clothes, household goods and gadgets with huge discounts. Summer sale a few days in mid-July. However, in many other stores, discounts last for weeks. Let’s take a closer look at where shopping in the summer is especially profitable. 

Victoria’s Secret Spring Sale

Victoria's Secret Spring Sale-Ecouponsdeal

You don’t need a VPN to access the American Victoria’s Secret website. The site allows you to manually select local versions. Starting from the first days of June for 5-7 weeks, it is recommended to study the offers in the American online store, since the spring sale takes place at this time. It starts with discounts of 20%-25% and goes up to 30%-50%. You can also expect free shipping to the Parcels warehouse for purchases over $50. These are the best conditions for buying beautiful Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

GAP Semi-Annual Sale

GAP Semi-Annual Sale-Ecouponsdeal

Sales on the GAP website are almost a permanent phenomenon. Maximum discounts should be expected at the semi-annual sale in April – up to 75% for the entire catalog.

Ralph Lauren Summer Sale

Ralph Lauren Summer Sale -Ecouponsdeal

This season of discounts on the Ralph Lauren website . You can buy blazers, pullovers and, of course, polo shirts with a 40%-50% discount. The site also features a huge collection of items for the home: from a bar shaker to premium-level towels.

Semi-annual sale at Nordstrom

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The Nordstrom chain boutique sells premium brand clothing and accessories from the US and Europe. A huge assortment allows the company to sell off leftovers in the Nordstrom Rack branded outlet (via VPN). The trick is that in July the store offers discounts on new fall-winter collections

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