Sam Edelman Shoes Review

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  • Sam Edelman is a luxury shoe for true connoisseurs of shoe art. Unique models, made by one of the most talented designers of our time, will not leave indifferent any of the fair fun. Today, the range of the brand is so diverse that everyone can find the perfect shoes for themselves.

    Sam Edelman’s story begins in 1987. It was then that designer Sam Edelman and his wife created several unique models of Roman sandals, which were so popular with the world community that they glorified the creators in just a few months.

    The couple decided not to stop there and created comfortable and elegant low shoes and ankle boots made of suede and leather. And although the idea was not new, these silhouettes won the love of the public, because they were universal. 

    Sam Edelman-ecouponsdeal

    At a time when the popularity of designers has gained enough momentum, it’s time to experiment and create original shoe models. A variety of shoes, sandals, clogs, boats, half boots appeared in the assortment of craftsmen. Designers did not want to attribute their shoes to any one style direction, they sought to create comfortable and at the same time unique shoes that would suit everyone without exception.

    Such a smooth progress towards the cherished goal has borne fruit. Soon, every pair produced by designers delighted the public. At the beginning of the 21st century, every third American woman had at least one pair of Sam Edelman shoes in her wardrobe.

    Edelman himself did not want to limit himself to only women’s shoes, he decided to release a whole line of silhouettes for children. And although the release received a lot of positive reviews from fashion critics, the continuation of the collection did not happen. Suddenly, Edelman decided to leave his lifestyle brand for a while and retire to improve his health. But the planned “vacation” lasted only until 2004. The designer couple reclaimed the company and managed to raise capital to produce even better shoes.

    Now Sam Edelman is associated by most with quality, elegance and sophistication. The brand produces products from suede, leather and other natural materials. Shoes from the brand can be found in more than 30 stores around the world. A peculiar highlight of these silhouettes can be considered the signature autograph of the master and the founder of the brand, left on the inner surface of each pair.

    SamEdelman shoes review - Ecouponsdeal

    Shoe Features

    Shoe design by Sam Edelman will appeal to all those who appreciate the unbridled American desire for luxury. The silhouettes from this brand somehow surprisingly manage to combine the style of Glam Chic and elusive elegance at the same time. It is enough just to run your hand along the smooth line of the heel block to feel the flawless play with texture and materials. Materials in shoes from Sam Edelman play not only a decorative role, they are also functional. They are selected for each pair of shoes in such a way that you are as comfortable as possible in each model (whether it is high heels, wedges or flats).

    Of particular note is the color palette of products from Sam Edelman. It is practically not limited by any standards. In one collection, strict black military-style boots may appear, and after them, eccentric ankle boots with a fanciful animal print will appear on the shelves. At the same time, both models will be made so high quality that even the brightest colors or flashy textures will not look tasteless or defiant. They will emphasize the attractiveness and seductiveness of your image.

    In the permanent collections of the American shoe brand , you can find the following models:

    • ankle boots on a small wedge,
    • classic ballet shoes,
    • semi-boots with Viennese heels,
    • high-top military style boots,
    • classic clogs,
    • stiletto sandals,
    • classic pumps.

    Styles in which Sam Edelman works:

    • casual,
    • classic,
    • sporty style,
    • youth fashion,
    • military.

    As for the decor, here designers prefer not to limit themselves. Sam Edelman silhouettes use:

    • animal prints,
    • metal inserts,
    • crystals,
    • beads,
    • leather straps,
    • harnesses,
    • rhinestones,
    • vegetable prints.

    As statistics show, classic shoes remain the most popular among the brand. No wonder, because this is a universal silhouette, presented in the assortment of the brand in a wide variety of shades, textures and prints. Most often, fashionistas prefer shoes in black and white, as well as in nude color.


    The basis of the classic Sam Edelman shoes is stable and comfortable, the heel is usually square or wide rectangular, the wedge is complemented by an original curved shape that gives excellent support to the foot and comfort throughout the day. Shoes from Sam Edelman will be a great addition to any wardrobe, whether you prefer casual style or like to shock the public.


    Fans of Sam Edelman by no means classify themselves as modest. In the silhouettes of this brand, such stars as Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Stephanie Pret, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry have repeatedly appeared in public. By the way, the brand has repeatedly released exclusive models of shoes in collaboration with some of these stars.


    And one of the latest iconic collaborations for Sam Edelman was the collaboration with the American online clothing and footwear store Zappos (the announcement took place in September 2019). Together with him, the brand released a whole collection dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the store. Emerald is the inspiration for the line. The limited collection includes sneakers, high heels, ballet flats. All models were presented in an emerald shade.

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