Robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning animal hair: the main selection criteria

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  • A pet always brings a lot of joy and positive emotions. But its content requires increased attention to the cleanliness of the floor, carpets and sofas. The hair that remains on surfaces after a cat or dog not only worsens the appearance of an apartment or house, but also carries an increased risk of allergic reactions in households. Animal hair is especially dangerous in a house where small children live who love to explore the world around them.

    It is very difficult to solve wool problems with regular cleaning. In this case, robotic animal hair vacuum cleaners are more efficient . They provide fast and thorough cleaning, save the physical strength and time of pet owners.

    How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner

    The difficulty of cleaning in the presence of pets is to clean the carpets from the villi. Smooth surfaces can be easily handled by conventional appliances, but carpet cleaning requires robotic pet hair vacuums. 

    When choosing such a vacuum cleaner, the following criteria must be considered:

    • suction power – high power rates help to get even the smallest hairs of wool from carpets;
    • battery capacity – since cleaning rooms where pets live takes more time, it is important that it provides at least 120 minutes of work;
    • the presence of a removable turbo brush – provides reliable cleaning in the most polluted places;
    • equipping with “smart” functions – the ability to set up a schedule for the most convenient cleaning, the ability to identify contaminated areas, set up a virtual wall that prevents access to animal bowls and trays;
    • the presence of a capacious dust collector – not less than (0.5–0.7 l).

    Some pets have a negative perception of robotic vacuum cleaners, they are afraid of them. Young puppies or kittens may treat them like toys. What if cleaning is required daily? In this case, it is very important to be able to adjust the operation of the vacuum cleaner, for example, while walking with a pet. 

    Of considerable importance is the presence of various modes. The local cleaning mode will help to clean surfaces in a specific place in the field of contamination.

    The Litter-Robot Review

    The very latest and greatest model is the Litter-Robot 4, a Wifi-enabled upgrade to the Litter-Robot 3 and an improvement on the Litter-Robot 3 Connect. Lynn Redmile, Testing and Product Review Analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute Home Appliances and Cleaning Lab, tried the Litter-Robot 4 at home with her three cats after having used the previous models. She found that the features that come with the Litter-Robot 4 can be worth the higher price tag.

    Litter-Robot 4 features

    Litter-Robot 4 features - Ecouponsdeal
    • WiFi-enabled, patented fully automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats means you’ll never scoop again
    • Built-in OdorTrap System with carbon filters significantly reduces litter box odors
    • QuietSift technology dramatically reduces motor noise for discreet self-cleaning cycles
    • Advanced safety features continuously analyze 4 safety zones to ensure your cat is always safe
    • Built-in smart scale keeps track of your cats’ weights and activity
    • Monitor litter box usage and view stats from your phone with the Whisker app
    • Easy to reach control panel with accessible buttons for manual operation
    • Five-color LED display indicates the current status of the robot
    • Included fence minimizes litter tracking
    • More compact size than the Litter-Robot 3 Connect (29.5″ H x 22″ W x 27″ D and weighs 24lbs)
    • Choose between sleek white and black color options
    • Option for a handle or a step
    • Works with any clumping litter as well as silica litter
    • Can use any waste drawer liners or bags
    • MultiCat design with large opening for comfortable entry and exit is suitable for up to 4 cats of all breeds and sizes
    • Modular components allow for easy cleaning and fast reassembly
    • Backwards compatible build means you can continue to customize your Litter-Robot as new accessories are released

    Litter-Robot 3 Review

    Litter-Robot 4 features - Ecouponsdeal

    There are a few versions of this self-cleaning litter box, with the most basic model being the Litter-Robot 3, which costs $499. For an extra $50, you can get the Litter-Robot 3 Connect, which connects to the mobile app. If you want the warranty version, that’ll cost you $599. All of these models are just the device itself, no extras for easy cleaning.

    Features of using a robot vacuum cleaner in a house with animals

    The fight of a robot vacuum cleaner with cat hair will be successful if you follow a number of recommendations. 

    Most pets have a positive attitude towards the work of a vacuum cleaner in the house. But some of them show increased interest, try to play or touch the device. Do not leave your pet alone with a working robot vacuum cleaner, and even more so allow you to press the buttons on it. This may cause a malfunction in the device settings or injure the animal.

    Features of using a robot vacuum cleaner in a house with animals Ecouponsdeal

    If the cat or dog is not yet accustomed to the tray (diaper), it is better to temporarily refrain from using the robot vacuum cleaner. The device is not intended for cleaning excrement, their entry into the cleaning system can only worsen the situation.

    Before cleaning, make sure that there are no toys or other small objects in the field of operation of the device. If they enter the system, it may block the operation of the robot vacuum cleaner. 
    Equipment must be properly maintained to maximize its lifespan. It needs regular inspection and cleaning. For this purpose, it will be necessary not only to clean the dust collector, but also to clean the brushes from hair and wool that have fallen on them.

    The best models of robotic vacuum cleaners for cleaning animal hair

    Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    This model allows you to thoroughly clean surfaces from wool, thanks to the suction power and protection against tangling hair on the brush.

    Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner-Ecouponsdeal

    With the help of the device, you can easily carry out wet cleaning of the room. The ultrasonic mop makes a rotating motion, thoroughly cleaning all kinds of surfaces. When cleaning the carpet from dust and wool, the mop rises, thereby protecting it from getting wet. 
    The robot is well oriented in space, easily bypasses obstacles, including trays and bowls for pets. 

    Roborock Q7 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    This is one of the most suitable models for cleaning rooms where pets live. The effectiveness of cleaning surfaces is achieved due to the suction power and the presence of a dust collector with a large volume. With this robot vacuum cleaner, there is no need to empty the container frequently. Cleaning of surfaces is carried out by means of a rubber rotating brush. 

    Roborock Q7 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Ecouponsdeal

    The device can work for a long time without recharging. It is possible to carry out cleaning on the territory up to 240 m².

    Robot vacuum cleaner Dreame Bot Z10 Pro

    This model is very popular among users. It has also been duly appreciated by pet owners. The secret of popularity lies in the harmonious combination of technical characteristics and the affordable cost of the model. 

    Robot vacuum cleaner Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Ecouponsdeal

    Cleaning efficiency is achieved thanks to a high level of power, the presence of a roller brush that removes hair and wool from coatings without tangling. The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 4 liter dust bag.

    The model can be easily controlled through the application: the vacuum cleaner is well oriented and bypasses all kinds of obstacles, including trays, bowls, toys, and other pet care items. 

    Dreame Bot D10 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    One of the new products on the market of robotic vacuum cleaners , which has already managed to win positive reviews from pet owners. Its maximum power of 4000 Pa, the possibility of automatic cleaning up to 45 days, the built-in self-cleaning system allow you to get rid of dust and wool quickly and efficiently. 

    The device can operate in three modes of wet cleaning. Can be controlled via smartphone app.

    Dreame Bot D10 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Ecouponsdeal

    Robot vacuum cleaner Dreame Bot W10 

    This model of the robot makes it possible to carry out a thorough cleaning of the premises in a short time. It is great for laminate or light tile surfaces. After application, there are no streaks or stains on the floor. 

    Wet cleaning is carried out with the help of two rotating wheels, which wash the surfaces while moving and provide the effect of rubbing the floor. 

    The laser navigation system allows the vacuum cleaner to easily bypass various obstacles, clean even the most inaccessible areas. The robot is equipped with a large container, the volume of which is enough for several cleanings. 

    The choice of a robot vacuum cleaner model should be taken very responsibly, since in this case we are talking not only about cleanliness, but also about the health of the household. The right choice will free you from the heavy daily cleaning and give you more time to enjoy communication with your pet.

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