Ralph Lauren Review : Top Clothing Brand

Ralph Lauren Review

The history of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand is the real embodiment of the American dream, when an ordinary citizen becomes a respectable businessman. In a short time, a luxury brand was created, which became famous in many countries. The formation and development of the company can become an example for many energetic and business people.

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Ralph Lauren women’s wear is an example of classic elegance. Years pass, but in every season, double-breasted blazers and pencil dresses of this brand remain in fashion.

Production of the company

The Polo Ralph Lauren brand is widely known for its clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes, underwear, furniture, dishes, textiles, wallpaper and even sweets, as well as pet products. Glory to the creator brought polo shirts, women’s shirts with masculine features, wide ties.

The company produces its products under the trademarks: Ralph Lauren, Polo Jeans Co., Rugby, RL Childrenswear, RRL, RLX, Chaps, Club Monaco, Blue Label, Lauren, Ralph Lauren Home.

Since 1994, part of the shares has been sold to the Goldman Sachs fund. Together, the Purple Label collection was launched to the wide market, including elite tailored suits, the Polo Jeans and Polo Sport lines were created.

In the modern collections of the company, the influence of the popularity of skateboarding and snowboarding has manifested itself. As a result, in the early 1990s, the Snow Beach line appeared, in which the color scheme became brighter and more diverse. New and rethought old ideas are embodied in the Polo Sport Denim and Polo Sport Silver collections, presented in 2018-19.

To make it easier for you to buy Ralph Lauren items. This famous New York store specializes in American brands, from budget to sports, from hipster to classic. Macy’s has a lot of sales during the summer, so we recommend that you always check the prices in the catalog. The retailer makes a discount even on products from new collections.

Ralph Lauren Black Double Breasted Blazer 

Ralph Lauren Black Double Breasted Blazer - Ecouponsdeal

A black wool blazer with large golden buttons is suitable as a dress for a formal event. But you can also pair the blazer with classic denim jeans: this is one of the hallmarks of the Ralph Lauren style.

Ralph Lauren Pencil Dress

Ralph Lauren stylish casual dress in neutral beige can be complemented with various accessories and worn at least every day. Depending on the hairstyle, shoes and jewelry, the perception of the dress will change significantly. 

But since we are talking about Ralph Lauren women’s clothing, the outfit is supposed to have an expressive feature. And such a feature is the belt with a contrasting leather clasp. An original and expressive solution that emphasizes the uniqueness of the outfit.

Ralph Lauren Joggers

Ralph Lauren Joggers

Brand designers took into account the popularity of sports casual clothing, but did not follow the rest of the brands to produce hoodies and sweatshirts. Instead, they made sweatpants (joggers) that you can wear with a blazer! Who else among the designers in this price segment offers such bold combinations?

Ralph Lauren Women’s Pullover

A pullover with a pigtail pattern is an indispensable wardrobe item. Simple and functional, the worldwide climate needs it literally all year round. On cold summer days, a pullover will keep you warm, especially if you are out on a picnic. By the way, in English terminology, the pattern is called “rope”: you must admit that the pattern looks more like weaving a rope than a kind of hairstyle.

Polo Ralph Lauren Backpack

Polo Ralph Lauren Backpack - Ecouponsdeal

The completeness of the brand is complemented by exclusive leather wallets with logos. Available in solid colors and colorful preppy pieces. Travel backpacks are also of interest.

Ralph Lauren Brand Fans

The era of Ralph Lauren in American high-end fashion began in the late 1980s. His elegant, sophisticated, sporty style has captivated many people, incl. famous personalities. He especially attracted refined aristocrats with good taste. Cary Grant, Fred Astaire and many others became fans of the brand.

Popularity was facilitated by voluminous colorful advertising in major magazines. Wealthy citizens around the world began to show interest in Polo Ralph Lauren. In such clothes, rich people spent a weekend in a country estate and went on an African safari. Constant updating of the line allows you to meet any requirements. 

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