Quip Electric Toothbrushes Review


Though my day looks vastly different from that of my neighbor, my parents, and my fellow subway passengers, I’m willing to bet that we all started it the same way: by brushing our teeth.

For such a basic and universally recognized habit, even the toothbrush is  often not practiced correctly. People brush too hard and damage their gums, brush their teeth for less than two minutes, forget to brush twice a day, and don’t change brushes or  heads until they become a worn-out smurf.

There are even more common brushing mistakes, but I’m sure you’re not here to teach a hard-hitting lesson on your oral health mistakes – you want to know what Quip is and read a review explaining how it can improve the way you brush your teeth.

Sleek electric toothbrushes

Brushes created by dentists and designers with all the handling characteristics your teeth need (and without bulky cords or chargers). Starting at $25, even for children!

Timed sonic vibrations, guided pulses

3 month battery life and water-resistant

Travel bag doubles as mirror stand

American Dental Association accepted

Smart Brush + quip app

The same sonic brushes, plus awesome rewards (jokes and partners you love!) As you follow and teach, your path to better oral health. Starting at $45.

Bluetooth® Smart Motor (also sold separately)

Connect more brushes (even for kids!)

Monitor and train better brushing habits

Free products, discounts, & more

Original review

I own the Copper Wire Brush ($40), which is part of Quip’s most popular wire brush collection. It also sells plastic options, which are more affordable, and limited edition colors, which are more expensive, but personally I like the metal ones best. They are bright, cute and can’t wait to brush my teeth.

Our healthy mouth mission

Everyone has a healthy mouth, and a healthy mouth is the gateway to better health. That’s why we strive to bring joy into your daily routine and help you build healthy habits, from morning refreshments to brushing before bed.

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