How To Choose The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type ?

I have always believed that fashion is all about looking and feeling your best in what you wear – in short, self-expression and confidence. The female body comes in all shapes and sizes, and all of these can be emphasized. 

Learning what to wear for your figure is critical to finding the best fit for your silhouette. It’s not always about wearing the trendiest outfit, but it’s really about choosing the clothes that fit you best and make you feel confident. Dresses can definitely be a girl’s best friend, ranging from dresses for an apple body shape to a sandy body shape. watch. No body is created equal, and almost nothing can perfectly match all individual body types. 

How To Choose The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type ? - Ecouponsdeal
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As women, we are often hard on ourselves, if our clothes don’t fit perfectly and we blame ourselves. However, our bodies are so unique that we need to understand them before we can put on the right clothes.

No matter what shape you are, all dresses are versatile and comfortable. But the first step is to be able to determine the shape of your body. 

Most women fall into four categories: pear, hourglass, apple, and athletic body shapes Once you’ve decided on your body shape, the next step is to find your body type and the perfect dress, style, and cut for it. I’ve put together a guide and some of my favorite dresses that I would recommend for every figure; it’s up to you which features you want to emphasize or hide (if any). Remember, the choice is always yours!

How To Choose Dresses For A Pear-shaped Body?

The pear-shaped body is usually characterized by the presence of large hips. Pear-shaped bodies often have narrower shoulders, which means that their hips are often wider than their shoulders. Pear-shaped shapes usually have a more defined waist and a defined curve in the hips, as well as a larger and more rounded bottom. Some celebrities with this body type are Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Kate Winslet.

What to look for in a dress:

Definitely consider your waist as a focal point when it comes to choosing a dress for any occasion. You already have amazing curves so you want to emphasize and define them. An open or V neckline will help elongate your overall look. If desired, you can also create the illusion of an hourglass figure by adding more volume (such as a frill or puffy sleeve) to the upper body to balance with the relatively wider lower body. Alternatively, you can try a two-tone dress with brighter colors or a patterned top to draw attention to your torso and balance your silhouette. Tight and flared dresses are the way to go if you’re looking for more symmetry with your hips.

Here are a few dress styles that might be perfect for your pear-shaped figure:

  • Maxi dress
  • Chemise dress
  • A-line dress

What may not be suitable:

Oversized or shapeless cuts, super short hemlines and tight fabric curves, especially if you want a more symmetrical look. Women with this body type should avoid straight-cut dresses because they feel tight around the hips and knock out your beautiful proportions. You can identify a straight-cut dress because it hugs the hips and sits loosely on the bust. These dresses, as a rule, are not intended for curvy ladies.

Back side:

A pear-shaped figure, especially when the dress is chosen correctly, can look exceptionally beautiful and curvaceous! If you’re not ready to show off those curves, an A-line dress is great because it accentuates your waist and shadows your hips.

How To Choose Dresses For A Pear-shaped Body? -Ecouponsdeal

How To Choose Dresses For An Hourglass Figure?

The hourglass body shape is often described as curvy. Women with this shape often have bust and hip measurements that are roughly equal. They tend to have fuller busts and hips. This body shape is symmetrical (meaning their legs and torso are about the same length), and their figure can be described as balanced. Examples of celebrities with this body type include Jlo, Christina Hendricks and Beyoncé!

What to look for in a dress:

Show off your curves!!! Since you already have a well-balanced figure, your dresses may reflect the same. A figure-hugging figure should definitely be the main considerations – you will be able to accentuate those beautiful curves and follow the lines of your body. Just make sure the dress fits well in all the right places. Belted dresses or even jumpsuits also compliment your curves and accentuate your waist. For necklines, consider a V-neck, sweetheart neckline, or scoop neckline. Slim necklines narrow the bust for a balanced look, while low cuts draw the eye to a narrow waist, which will naturally highlight some of your best features. You can even add a staple necklace to show off your shoulders and neckline. This will really help balance your upper and lower body.

Here are a few dress styles that should perfectly fit your hourglass figure:

  • Fitting dress
  • Wrap dress
  • Mermaid dress

What may not be suitable:

Baby doll dresses, shapeless styles and dresses that are too big. You may have the same problems as pear-shaped ladies, because fabrics can be tight in the wrong place, especially if you have a large bust. Find a dress that cinches at the waist and fits well at the top and bottom. If you love a dress (a-line or other loose silhouette), just add a belt.

Back side:

Often considered the quintessential “perfect body”, the hourglass figure also allows for tremendous flexibility in clothing and accessories! Back in the 2000s, many people wanted Paris Hilton’s body to be long, lean and straight, but now it’s the age of Kim K’s body. People love your body type, so show it off! There is an almost unlimited number of looks you can create to express your taste and personality!

How To Choose Dresses For An Hourglass Figure? - Ecouponsdeal

How To Choose Dresses For An Apple Body Shape?

As a rule, the body shape of an apple is well proportioned. They will have a larger bust and fuller belly and will generally be leaner or just not as curvy down to the hips. They also tend to carry their weight either in the middle part of the body or in the upper half. Some celebrities with apple physiques include Angelina Jolie, Mindy Kaling and Oprah Winfrey.

What to look for in a dress:

When it comes to choosing dresses for an apple shape, it’s worth considering things that can only draw attention away from the upper body (like using belts to create a more defined waist). Dressing with a more flowy or fuller skirt or bottom will help de-emphasize your upper body and midsection to give your silhouette a more balanced look. The V-neck will also draw attention to your waistline and give you an instantly superior look without looking too heavy. If you want to show off your gorgeous legs, then consider a short tunic-robe. Luckily, you have many different types of dresses for an apple body shape. You can choose a dress to hide your midriff or find dresses that create curves.

Here are the styles of dresses for the apple shape that fit perfectly:

  • Flowing tunics
  • midi dress
  • A-line dress

What may not be suitable:

Anything too form-fitting, peplum dresses, oversized fabrics, and horizontal lines, especially if you want a more balanced look. Dresses for an apple shape should be waist oriented. Also, anything that has an excessive amount of tissue around your belly is best avoided as you risk losing your silhouette. The same applies to oversized dresses, as excess fabric can cause volume.

Back side:

Those with an apple-shaped figure, especially when dressed beautifully, have a huge advantage in looking like models on the runway! Since the upper body is more curvaceous, the right apple-shaped dresses can make you look especially tall, slim, and dainty! Add cute heels to make you look longer and leaner.

How To Choose Dresses For An Apple Body Shape? - Ecouponsdeal

How To Choose Dresses For A Sporty Body Shape?

Athletic body shape, also known as square or rectangular, is usually defined by the same bust and hip measurements. Although their bust and hips are roughly equal, the waist is not as well defined as those of those who are hourglass shaped. Your weight tends to be more evenly distributed throughout your body with a flatter butt. Athletic body types tend to be taller and leaner as well. Some celebrities with this body type are Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway and Eva Longoria.

What to look for in a dress:

For athletic figures, it is entirely possible to enhance your figure in a way that brings more of an hourglass effect! Round or heart-shaped cutouts work to break up any harsh lines in your figure to give you a more curvaceous look. Dresses with drapes or ruffles, or those that are pulled up at the waist, will help accentuate your curves. Working with volume, angles, unique cutouts, swirls, or embellishments can help balance your upper body towards narrow hips, giving your body a little fuller shape. You may not have as many curves as previously defined body types, so you want to add dimension to your body by adding texture and pattern.

Here are a few styles of clothing that fit perfectly on your athletic figure:

  • asymmetrical dress
  • Spaghetti strap dress
  • Wrap dress
How To Choose Dresses For A Sporty Body Shape? - Ecouponsdeal

What may not be suitable:

Avoid wearing tight and shapeless clothes, especially if you’re looking for a fuller look. You should also try to avoid dresses with straight or square necklines. These neck lines can work against your curves and make you look more square.

Style is not one size fits all, so why should your choice of dress be the same? This doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with other clothing styles, prints, and fabrics. You definitely can, but just keep in mind that there are the best fits for your body shape that show off your figure the best. The main thing is to find YOUR personal best combination of creativity and aesthetics to make yourself as happy as possible!

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