Solid Oak Furniture: Types, Nuances, Tips For Choosing

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  • How solid oak furniture is made
  • What solid oak furniture to choose for the living room
  • What is remarkable about solid oak furniture for the kitchen
  • What should be a solid oak bed

In all respects, natural furniture is ahead of products made from artificial materials: it is environmentally friendly, which means it is safe for health, it is durable and durable. All this can be said about solid oak furniture. This type of wood is considered elite, and it is she who is chosen to create the most luxurious interiors. Thanks to the unique natural pattern of wood, oak products look original, but at the same time fit into any environment. What is oak furniture like, how it is produced and how it is used in design – we will talk about all this in this article.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solid Oak Furniture

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solid Oak Furniture - Ecouponsdeal

Solid wood is one of the first materials that people began to use for home decoration. Our ancestors appreciated oak for its practicality, and in modern design, appearance is no less valued. Oak is also worth choosing because furniture made from this material has a positive effect on health.

Modern furniture production has a huge variety of materials. However, natural wood still remains in the first place for a number of reasons: it does not cause allergies, decorates the interior and retains all its qualities for many years.

For the manufacture of furniture from solid wood, oak or pine is most often chosen. Pine is a more budget option. Oak is considered a valuable, prestigious breed.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solid Oak Furniture - Ecouponsdeal

Solid oak furniture has always distinguished the richest houses. And today, connoisseurs of beauty choose just such furniture, paying tribute to its elegance and sophistication. As a result, oak furniture remains in high demand, despite its high cost.

What Are The Advantages Of Oak Products:

  • High strength and long service life.
  • Reliability and safety.
  • Wide potential for use in the interior. Solid wood has a unique natural pattern that allows you to make amazingly beautiful furniture. They decorate it with carvings, because such decor not only looks great, but also retains its original appearance for a long time. Such items fit perfectly into both classic and more modern interiors.
  • Solid wood furniture requires special care, but if all the rules are followed, it can last for tens or even hundreds of years. If the wood is damaged, you can always contact the restoration specialists and restore its integrity. As a result, an oak product can become a family heirloom.
What are the advantages of oak products: Ecouponsdeal

Solid oak is a unique material whose characteristics make all products special both from an aesthetic and practical point of view:

  • In the texture of the oak there is a light sapwood and clear core rays. The strength of this material is so high that it is not so easy to process. Therefore, hardened cutters are used to work with oak.
  • Oak is one of the hardest types of wood. This characteristic is determined by the Brinell method: using a hardened steel ball with a diameter of 10 mm, pressure is applied to the surface with a force of 100 kg. In the case of solid oak, the indicator is 3.7 kgf / mm 2 . In practice, this means that oak furniture will be resistant to mechanical stress.
  • Oak is also a unique combination of strength and flexibility. Due to the plasticity of this material, a number of decorative processing methods can be used: carving, staining, whitening, and texturing using brushing. And despite any processing, solid oak furniture will still withstand a lot of weight, while maintaining its shape.
  • One of the most important features of oak is resistance to decay. Wood will not deteriorate from high humidity or temperature changes, so the operational capabilities are expanding. Now furniture with an oak facade is made not only for the bedroom or living room, but also for the kitchen and even the bathroom.

Interestingly, with prolonged contact with water, oak does not crack or wrinkle, but only changes color to dark purple with a green tint. This wood color is the rarest of all that can be obtained naturally, and therefore the most expensive. This example clearly illustrates the strength and reliability of solid oak.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Solid Oak Furniture?

  • High quality entails high cost of products. And since it is usually not about purchasing one piece of furniture, but about decorating at least an entire room, the costs can be very significant.
  • Solid wood is a dense material, and therefore also quite heavy.
  • Solid wood products look quite massive. Accordingly, this material is not very suitable for small rooms: there will be a feeling of space congestion.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Solid Oak Furniture? - Ecouponsdeal

Varieties Of Solid Oak Furniture

You can make a huge number of different pieces of furniture from oak, each of which will become a real highlight of the interior. In particular, the following products are especially popular:

  • Tables – dining models for the living room or dining room, as well as options for offices and work areas. Stable, simple shapes of the product are decorated with a neat hand-carved pattern.
  • Elite kitchen sets. You can place such a piece of furniture art only in a spacious room, with the obligatory presence of an exhaust hood: this will protect the tree from moisture.
  • Bedroom furniture. The bed, nightstands and chest of drawers, decorated in the same style, will decorate your bedroom now and will be no less fashionable when they pass on to your children.
  • Wall units for classic and modern living rooms. In their manufacture, oak is often combined with mahogany, as well as glass and even precious metals.

For The Production Of Wooden Furniture Can Be Used:

  • Solid oak is a classic material with a huge number of advantages, which we have repeatedly mentioned. It is used to make furniture for the home (bedrooms, kitchen sets, tables, and so on), as well as for the office. Models differ in a variety of shapes and colors.
  • Oak veneer is a material in which the main advantages of natural wood are combined with the lightness of products and an affordable price. Especially popular are veneer products intended for use in the kitchen or in the nursery, as they are resistant to mechanical and other damage. A practical and durable veneer cabinet will decorate the living room, hallway or library. Also, veneer is often found in the decoration of furniture and interior doors.
  • Bog oak. This type of wood is especially valuable because it has a rare black-green tint. Cabinets and other items made of this truly noble material are not just interior elements, but also symbols of high status and prosperity.

Solid Oak Furniture: The Nuances Of Production

Until the middle of the last century, furniture was made exclusively from wood. Of course, despite the durability of this material, not all products have survived to our time. But at the same time, museums own a huge number of tables, chairs and armchairs, which made up the decoration of royal palaces not only in the 19th, but even in the 18th century and earlier.

Solid Oak Furniture: The Nuances Of Production - Ecouponsdeal

These products received such a long life due to the fact that the hardest woods were used for their manufacture, including acacia, mahogany and, of course, oak. History shows us that solid oak furniture, with proper care, can look like new even after a century.

Undoubtedly, the method of processing also affects the safety of furniture. If we are talking about products that were intended for elite houses, the wood for them was dried in a special way and allowed to “rest” for several months. Then the furniture maker repeatedly varnished the wood to protect it from fungus and various insects.

Nowadays, the technologies for making furniture from solid oak have gone far ahead: thanks to artificial drying, it no longer takes so much time to prepare the array for processing; the compositions of modern varnishes are harmless to humans and perfectly protect furniture from damage. In the manufacture of furniture, some innovations constantly appear that increase the strength and durability of products, speed up production and reduce costs.

However, some ways to reduce the cost of production adversely affect the quality of products. So, if you take little time to dry the wood, the product may become unusable in just a couple of years. It is the insufficient preparation of the array in most cases that causes cracks and deformation.

Since the cost of solid oak furniture is quite high, glued materials are sometimes used instead of solid wood. They are not completely natural and have a shorter lifespan. This is not to say that such furniture will be of poor quality, but there is still a difference.

When it comes to luxury furniture, only the finest woods are used. An array with narrow annual rings, located at an equal distance from each other, is especially valued. And the point here is not only in beauty, but also in durability.

After careful selection of the material, the wood is dried. To produce high-quality furniture from solid oak, it must be dried at natural temperature and low humidity. If the wood is heated too much, the moisture will drain too quickly, and performance will suffer as a result. Manufacturers need several months to prepare solid wood for processing. This is another reason why wooden models are the most expensive on the market.

We can say that the quality of finished furniture depends not only on the work of the master, but first of all on the quality of the material that falls into his hands.

The next step is placing an order and preparing sketches. Solid oak furniture is really very expensive: one wardrobe or chest of drawers can cost several hundred thousand rubles, and a set of furniture for arranging one room can cost several million. This price is made up of many factors, including the cost of the material itself, the features of preparation and the complexity of processing.

The Main Production Steps Are As Follows:

Stage 1 Preliminary work of the client and the manufacturer.

Many customers would like to quickly look through the list of ready-made options and choose the most attractive one. But when it comes to exclusive solid oak furniture, the development of the project is a must here. The designer inspects and evaluates the room to be designed, takes measurements and finds out the preferences of customers. At this point, the main issues regarding the functionality and appearance of the furniture are resolved.

Stage 2 Preparation of a design project.

Next, the designer prepares sketches in order to show the possibilities of decorating the room by example and choose the most suitable one. It happens that you have to make a dozen sketches before all the wishes of the client are fully realized. The sketch is being finalized, and on its basis a drawing of the product is made with the maximum drawing of details and an indication of all dimensions.

Stage 3 Selection of materials.

Even if we are talking specifically about solid oak furniture, here the question of choosing a material still remains relevant. There are different types of oak and they come in different colors. Also, in addition to wood, other materials can be used in the manufacture of furniture: natural stone, glass, leather, forged elements, metal fittings and much more.

Stage 4 Manufacturing of elements.

The array is cut into pieces, from which, according to the project, elements of future furniture will be made. In the first stages of wood processing, a machine is used, as this speeds up the process and ensures maximum precision. But in the future, solid oak furniture is polished and varnished only by hand. The same goes for decoration.

Stage 5 Assembly.

When all the details are ready, they are brought to the customer’s apartment and assembled on site. Only small items (tables, chairs, etc.) are assembled at the factory. Overall furniture, as well as sets, is much more rational to assemble at the facility.

As you can see, solid oak furniture is a special phenomenon among custom-made products. In its production, there are a number of difficulties due to the characteristics of natural wood. There is no place for errors here, since at each stage the slightest inaccuracy and non-compliance with technology can spoil the quality of the product. Only masters of their craft can successfully work with an array of elite wood. At the same time, traditional methods, such as natural drying, are combined with modern techniques such as 3D modeling during the production process. Part of the work is done with the help of high-precision equipment, and part – by the skillful hands of specialists.

Solid Oak Living Room Furniture

  • Basic moments.

A variety of furniture can be present in the living room setting: cabinet, upholstered, dining groups, individual items (armchairs, tables, chests of drawers).

In its natural form, oak already has a pleasant structure and a neutral light shade. But if desired, the furniture can be painted in any tone, from white to black. Solid oak living room furniture can be used for decades due to its high rot resistance.

  • How to choose the right furniture.

As already mentioned, the main disadvantage of oak furniture is its high cost. Therefore, with a limited budget, you should prefer other, more budgetary counterparts. It is also important to decide what kind of furniture you need and how you will combine them with the decoration of the room. For example, you can purchase a dining group for a full-fledged headset. And when considering modular furniture, think about which parts will best suit your needs.

  • Choose furniture from solid oak, focusing on your interior and the colors that prevail in it.
  • Also consider the size of the room. Solid wood furniture can take up most of the space, and then it will already spoil the interior, and not decorate. Give preference to the model, during the installation of which you will have free space. This is much more important than following fashion trends.
  • Before buying solid wood furniture, carefully check each product for defects. Make sure that there are no chips or scratches on the surfaces, and also check that all mechanisms are in good condition.
  • The style of the living room and the selection of furniture from the array.

The perfect combination for the living room: this is a classic style and natural wood furniture. Antique items look best in classic interiors, but not everyone can afford such a luxury. However, given this trend, furniture companies produce a lot of antique furniture. At the same time, the forms and features that were inherent in the furniture of a certain period are taken as the basis.

  • Classical.

Classic is the embodiment of luxury and nobility in the interior. For this style, only the highest quality furniture made of solid oak, with decoration in the form of hand carving and gilding, is suitable. The color scheme is light, restrained. Here, crystal in the form of a chandelier or decorative vases, exquisite dishes made of porcelain or silver would be appropriate.

  • Empire and baroque.

The point of these styles is to make a lasting impression. Crystal, velvet, stucco, gilding – all this is present in such interiors in abundance. Of course, the furniture is based on solid wood products, the facade of which is richly decorated with a variety of decor.

  • Provincial style.

We are talking about two popular destinations: country and Provence. In such interiors there is no pretentious decoration and outrageousness, they are more like a cozy provincial dwelling than noisy theatrical scenery. But neither country nor Provence can do without solid wood furniture. Objects here have simple, even rough shapes, often decorated by hand, using special woodworking techniques. So designers can further emphasize the natural beauty of the material.

  • Eco style.

Eco-style relies on everything natural and natural. Therefore, wood, subjected to minimal processing, serves as the main material for furniture in this style. Light, elegant, not bulky products are selected. They perfectly harmonize the modern space, in which there is always a lot of technology.

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