NYX Professional Makeup: Features And Product Overview


Being beautiful is not a crime. Natural beauty loses all meaning every day. Now even for little girls, manufacturers create a decorative line of cosmetics. 

And not just creams, but sets of shadows, lipsticks, mascara, blush, which contain only plant components. Adult women also try to select cosmetics made from natural substances. And the main manufacturer of high-quality decorative cosmetics that do not harm the skin is NYX Professional Makeup.

NYX Professional Makeup: Features And Product Overview - Ecouponsdeal

Brand History

The birthplace of the manufacturer NYX Professional Makeup is the USA – a country with huge opportunities, which are simply impossible not to use. The history of the brand began in 1999. The creator of the brand, Tony, was only 26 years old at that time. The young girl had no business experience, but thanks to her perseverance and desire to give the world high-quality cosmetics, she was a stunning success.

The idea of ​​creating her own line of cosmetics haunted the girl for a long time. The reason for this was the lack of good cosmetics at an affordable price.

And branded lipsticks and shadows, even today, are not available to every beauty.

At a young age, Toni and her family moved from South Korea to Los Angeles. Having settled in a new place, they opened a cosmetics store, where Tony spent all her free time. She carefully got acquainted with the desires of customers, gained experience in order to open her own production. Having borrowed a certain amount, Toni was able to rent a good room and began to create cosmetic masterpieces.

Realizing that her work was bearing fruit, Toni set about choosing a unique company name. And then the girl’s fantasy played out in earnest. After trying many options, Tony settled on the name of the ancient Greek goddess of the night – NYX.

After the release of the first products, NYX Professional Makeup immediately received public recognition. The fair sex appreciated eyeliners with a thickened shaft and creamy texture. They were supposed to be used as a liner and shadows. Beauticians, in turn, using such pencils of different colors created an unusually bright make-up.

NYX Professional Makeup brand - Ecouponsdeal

The first step in the history of the brand gave Tony new inspiration, thanks to which the company’s product range increased to 1000 varieties of cosmetics, and a few years later this number began to approach the mark of 2000. With such a wide variety of NYX Professional Makeup products, Tony was able to please all her consumers, even the most demanding.

Every year, the popularity of the NYX Professional Makeup brand has only increased. And even after going through a 20-year history of life, the principles of the brand have not changed. The main task of the company is still to provide the consumer with the opportunity to use high-quality decorative cosmetics. And in this case, we are talking not only about the naturalness of the composition, but also about the pricing policy.

The NYX Professional Makeup brand never rests on its laurels and keeps up with fashion trends.

NYX Professional Makeup brand - Ecouponsdeal

NYX Advantages And Disadvantages

It is impossible to talk about the positive and negative sides of NYX cosmetics based only on research analyses. The opinion of the consumer class must also be taken into account. General data helped to paint a complete picture of the advantages.

  • Price policy.
  • Along with many global brands that create professional cosmetics, NYX should be attributed to the most loyal companies. The funds of the presented brand are available to housewives and even students.
  • Zooprotection
  • NYX Professional Makeup received a special award from the animal welfare organization. The described brand does not test products on our smaller brothers.
  • Constant novelties.
  • The brand regularly supplements its range with new cosmetics and shades. It is worth noting that many series of products have a limited number. And new collections correspond to fashion trends.
  • Product quality.
  • NYX is distinguished by the high quality of its products. Each individual cosmetic product is hypoallergenic and does not cause irritation.
  • Variety of cosmetics.
  • A girl with any appearance will be able to choose suitable cosmetics from the NYX Professional Makeup brand. A wide variety of shades can satisfy the needs of the most demanding women.
  • Unique packaging.
  • Each cosmetic composition is inside containers with an unusual design. The classic packaging is made of durable material, it does not wear out, does not lose its external beauty.
NYX Advantages And Disadvantages - Ecouponsdeal

But unfortunately, users noted several shortcomings with NYX Professional Makeup cosmetics.

  • Shedding of shadows a few hours after application. In most cases, the cause of this is the wrong tool.
  • Lack of longevity of makeup. In order to preserve the beauty of the face for a long time, the manufacturer offers to purchase special fixatives, thanks to which you can forget about this problem.

Both problems also arise due to the improper use of cosmetics, the lack of a base for makeup. Auxiliary NYX developments, concealers, proofreaders, and bases help to avoid such unpleasant situations.

NYX Professional Makeup products are formulated and manufactured using only natural ingredients. Each composition is hypoallergenic, which is appreciated by people suffering from hypersensitivity of the skin. Various oils and many nutrients contribute to the preservation of youthful skin. Ladies suffering from exposure to sunlight will be able to forget about unpleasant sensations on the skin forever.

All these reasons allow us to call NYX Professional Makeup brand cosmetics environmentally friendly.

NYX Professional Makeup products - Ecouponsdeal

Product Description

It will take more than one day to talk about all the products of the NYX Professional Makeup brand. Moreover, the manufacturer continuously puts on NYX sale many types of professional decorative cosmetics for the face. It can be either single funds or entire sets. And in order to get to know the brand better and understand the basic concepts of production, it is proposed to consider several types of cosmetic products that are purchased both by women for self-use and by cosmetologists for professional purposes.

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NYX Blush

The phrase “blush on the face” brings to mind the image of the fair sex, who have been in the cold for a long time. Only this is a natural factor, from which it is sometimes impossible to escape. Such beauty on the cheeks on a hot summer day will look very ridiculous, especially with the wrong color scheme of blush. It is very important to get advice from a cosmetologist before buying, who will advise the most suitable tone.

To date, the NYX Professional Makeup brand produces blush with many shades. But the most popular are High Definition Blush. A distinctive feature of the product lies in a wide palette of colors and affordable price for any layman. When applying this blush, a woman will be able to feel how neatly and evenly the composition falls on the cheekbones, does not roll down after a few hours.

And vitamin E, present in the composition of this product, nourishes the skin of the face, giving it additional calmness.

NYX Blush - Ecouponsdeal

Another popular blush option is called Baked Blush. With its help it turns out to create a glow effect. You can use a brush or damp sponge to apply the baked blush consistency. Basically, Baked Blush is purchased by studio makeup artists to create the appropriate look for the actors.

The creamy version of the Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle blush has several purposes. It can be used on both lips and cheeks. The composition is applied to the skin using a sponge or brush.

Lip & Cheek Souffle blush - Ecouponsdeal

Recommendations For Use

The main task of every woman before applying makeup is to create the effect of smooth skin. Unfortunately, the fair sex does not always get the desired result, and the cosmetics applied on top only emphasizes the flaws of the face. In order to avoid mistakes, we suggest that you get acquainted with the step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect smoothness of the face.

  • Skin cleansing and moisturizing. This procedure should be carried out not only before applying makeup, but also after removing makeup. Exfoliate dead skin cells twice a week with a scrub. The main facial skin care is the use of morning and evening creams. Ladies who regularly use cosmetics simply cannot do without these procedures.
NYX Recommendations For Use - Ecouponsdeal
  • Applying the base. Makeup base, or as it is also called, primer, is necessary to create the effect of smooth skin. The base allows you to increase the durability of the made-up, reduce the consumption of foundation. In simple words, the primer covers the face with an invisible and imperceptible film with a smooth texture, on which cosmetic compositions are applied.
NYX Recommendations For Use - Ecouponsdeal
  • Correction of imperfections. The base gives the skin a smooth surface, but foundation helps to make changes in appearance or hide some imperfections. Properly selected composition can hide acne, abrasions, scratches, bruises from lack of sleep and much more.
NYX Recommendations For Use - Ecouponsdeal
  • Powder. The effect of velvet skin will help create powder. The main thing is that its color should be chosen in accordance with the range of foundation. It is best to apply powder with a large brush. In places where foundation was previously applied, dry powder will lie more densely, in other places – in a light scattering. In some places, you will need to use a smaller brush and blend evenly.
NYX Recommendations For Use - Ecouponsdeal
  • Correction of shadows and blush. The last step in creating the effect of smooth skin is the light and shade adjustment. For this purpose, you will need a blush in a dark and light brilliant color. A dark tone is gently applied to the cheekbones, on the sides of the frontal lobe and on the nose. A brilliant shade covers the upper side of the cheekbones, the back of the nose and the border of the upper lip.

For the correct application of blush, it is best to smile, at this moment bulges and small depressions appear on the face, where the composition should be applied.

NYX Recommendations For Use - Ecouponsdeal

NXY Overview Of Review

Each representative of the fair sex, despite her age, tries to look spectacular. NYX Professional Makeup helps them with this. Each type of cosmetics not only beautifies the face of buyers, but also nourishes their skin with vitamins and minerals.

It is extremely important for beauty professionals and studio makeup artists to have only high-quality cosmetics in their working arsenal, and in most cases, these are products from NYX Professional Makeup. According to experts, it is easy to work with, all compositions are evenly distributed over the surface of the face, and most importantly, they remain on the skin much longer than cosmetics from other manufacturers.

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