How To Wear Mom Jeans: Popular Female Images

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There is something amazing in the history of mom jeans: they are reborn every 10 years. First coming into fashion in the early 90s, they returned in the 2000s as a wardrobe item for middle-aged ladies. In the 2010s, young people remembered them and made them a fashionable style, which was soon replaced by “boyfriends”. Ten years later, “mom” reappeared at fashion shows and does not lose ground today.

Such popularity can be explained by the fact that mom jeans (“mother’s jeans”, “mums”) are fully consistent with the general direction of modern fashion – the desire for comfort. At the same time, despite some baggy and roughness, they look very feminine, you can create any image with them, up to glamorous.

How To Wear Mom Jeans: Popular Female Images Ecouponsdeal

Model Features

Mom jeans have a wide, but not shapeless cut. Its main features:

  • high fit – the waist is in its natural place, which visually lengthens the legs;
  • the line of the hips is free, accentuated, as a result of which their real volume is hidden and, if necessary, a round tummy;
  • trousers are straight or slightly tapered;
  • the length is usually somewhat shortened, it is recommended to tuck models for the entire length of the leg.
Some options have an elastic band sewn into the waistband, they are easy to put on and take off, this is especially important for pregnant women. Ecouponsdeal

Some options have an elastic band sewn into the waistband, they are easy to put on and take off, this is especially important for pregnant women.

Varieties Of Mom Jeans


“Mom” – the style is quite stable, stylists distinguish only a few varieties that differ slightly in silhouette:

“mom fit”- straight trousers with an emphasis on the hips, an ideal model for those who want to hide figure flaws;

Varieties Of Mom Jeans Ecouponsdeal

high waisted- a very feminine look, especially recommended for the autumn-winter season;

Varieties Of Mom Jeans Ecouponsdeal

“mom slim» – the legs are more tapered and tight-fitting – a fashionable and stylish silhouette.

Varieties Of Mom Jeans Ecouponsdeal

High-waisted jeans are considered vintage, stylists refer to other varieties as casual style.

To create a variety of bows within the style, designers pay attention to color. Along with the models of the usual blue and blue shades, black mom jeans are becoming more and more popular: they visually correct the figure, the universal color allows any color combinations and combinations.

Varieties Of Mom Jeans Ecouponsdeal

White jeans are eye-catching, and with a mom cut, you can create a bright, elegant and even dressy look.

Mom jeans take pride of place in the men’s wardrobe, as the representatives of the stronger sex highly appreciate their advantages:

  • high level of comfort regardless of the type of activity;
  • complete freedom of movement, especially behind the wheel;
  • respectable appearance for any figure;
  • combinatoriality – a harmonious combination with basic wardrobe items – sweaters, jackets, T-shirts.
Varieties Of Mom Jeans Ecouponsdeal

This season’s trends are straight and short moms, especially dark gray ones, with logos and branded patches.

Who Are Mom Jeans For?

A woman with a figure of almost any type can create a harmonious image with “mother’s” jeans, if the accents are correctly placed.

Who Are Mom Jeans For? Ecouponsdeal

Of course, the owner of a slender, proportional body will look perfect in them. To choose a style that suits the figure of a certain category, you should listen to the advice of stylists:

  • “rectangle”- the classic model will emphasize the waist, highlight the hips, and thereby make the torso visually more elegant;
  • “inverted triangle”- if the line of the shoulders is wider than the hips, “mom” can be worn without hesitation: the additional volume of the hips will balance the proportions and make the buttocks more textured;
  • “hourglass”- mom fit jeans are suitable for such a physique, straight trousers will visually smooth out lush hips and balance the silhouette;
  •  “pear”- if you really want to buy a “mom”, you need to choose a model with a small volume at the top and straight “pipes”, as well as carefully think over other items of the ensemble in order to get as close as possible to the “hourglass” type.
Who Are Mom Jeans For? Ecouponsdeal

“Mams” for full girls should be 1-2 sizes larger and combined with things that visually expand the shoulders. Black jeans look good, giving the look clarity and elegance.

“Mom” for young people

For young guys, designers offer stylish options – shortened, with “torn” edges. They are worn without a belt, with a T-shirt tucked inside, or a short sweatshirt, with short socks and sneakers.

"Mom" for young people Ecouponsdeal

For Middle Age

Wider and longer models with trumpet legs are recommended; a decorative leather belt is appropriate here.

For Middle Age Ecouponsdeal

“Daddy’s” jeans

Solid men fit loose “mom” with an elastic waistband – for comfort. Choosing the right top, you can successfully fit into the office style, and casual, and sports.

Plus size mom jeans are a good option for corpulent men, combining style, comfort and freedom of movement.

And yet, a bow with mom jeans is not always successful. First of all, this applies to short women, especially if the upper body is longer than the legs. Proportions, already violated, will be evident.

With caution, “mamses” should be introduced into the wardrobe for full ladies, especially with wide hips. It should be noted that some stylists are of the opposite opinion and believe that these trousers are ideal for wide hips – tight denim hides flaws and does not expand the silhouette.

For Middle Age Ecouponsdeal

The truth, as always, is in the “golden mean”: imperfections can be veiled with various details, but not everyone can do it correctly.

When and with what to wear mom jeans

Choosing clothes for “mom”, one should proceed from the characteristics of the physique. Basically, a fitted top is recommended, otherwise the waist will be lost and the figure will be square. An exception to the rule: tall and slender women can create oversized looks.

Spring – autumn

For the off-season, it is better to choose “moms” made of dense fabric. At this time, sweaters, jumpers, pullovers are relevant, but they should not cover the top of the jeans or tuck under the belt.

When and with what to wear mom jeans Ecouponsdeal

For outerwear, there are more options. “Mom” look good both with jackets and parkas, and with elongated coats and raincoats.

Shoes with a small heel or on a low platform are suitable for such bows.

Summer Jeans

Summer offers many options. This is a loose top, short jacket, T-shirt or shirt tucked into jeans completely or only in front. A transparent, flying tunic or blouse can be left unfilled – it turns out an intriguing and mysterious bow.

Summer Jeans Ecouponsdeal

A light elongated jacket with a contrasting top will create a non-standard look, while a more strict, short and fitted version is suitable for the office.

Winter Jeans

In the cold season, with dense or insulated “mams” you can wear different styles of coats – “oversize” or straight, parkas, down jackets, short fur coats, warm jackets.

Winter Jeans Ecouponsdeal

Shoes will help create a certain style: for casual – lace-up boots and warm sneakers, for romantic – short boots with heels, and Chelsea boots are organic for the office.

What is the Difference Between Mom Jeans and Boyfriend Jeans

These styles are similar in many ways, but mom jeans and boyfriend still have differences:

  • “Mom” always have a high fit, while boyfriends – low or medium;
  • a characteristic feature of boyfriends is cuts, scuffs, fringe, decoration of “moms” is more moderate, without color differences and large “holes”;
  • in the landing zone, mom jeans always have folds, while well-chosen boyfriends do not have such folds;
  • a loose top looks good with boyfriends – a voluminous sweater or a spacious shirt; such a top is categorically not suitable for mom jeans.
Mom Jeans and Boyfriend Jeans Ecouponsdeal

Comfortable and stylish mom jeans are the undisputed trend of the season, and, according to stylists, they will remain in fashion for more than one year.

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