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As you know, in order to achieve certain success in sports, a person needs to train hard, overcoming laziness and various petty temptations. However, some training and an iron will, perhaps, will not be enough – far from the last role in improving our results is played by the equipment that we use daily.

As you might guess, the best sports equipment is produced either in America or in other developed countries. As for brands specializing in Mizuno products for athletics, Japan has shown itself to be excellent here, where several world-famous companies in this field are based at once. About Asics, for example, we have already talked about.

Today we will talk about one of its direct competitors – the Japanese equipment brand Mizuno .

5 Reasons that You Will Love the New Mizuno Wave Sky (shoe review) - Ecoupondeal

Mizuno is a company that began operating at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Its first specialization was the import of popular Western sporting goods: baseballs, gloves and other accessories. After some time, the owners of the store – the brothers Rizo and Rihachi Mizuno – decided that it would be nice to start producing something themselves – the profit would clearly increase

So, already in 1907, Mizuno began to sew custom-made clothes for athletes. Year by year, the popularity of their brand grew, and over time they added baseball accessories to their range, and then they themselves opened the first Japanese Star Line golf club , which by 1935 became the largest in the world.

In general, no matter what Mizuno took on, everything turned out just great for them.

Today, Mizuno is one of the world’s leading sports brands that manufactures equipment for almost all sports: equipment for golf, tennis, baseball, volleyball, football, running, swimming, rugby, skiing, cycling, judo, table tennis, track and field and etc. The most popular destinations are golf, volleyball, judo and, of course, running .

Running is one of the most common types of physical activity among ordinary amateurs, which is why running accessories are so popular. This helped Mizuno gain fans outside of professional sports. The main advantage of the company is manufacturability achieved by its own research; a large assortment in which every athlete will find something for himself; low prices compared to professional products – today everyone can afford them.

Mizuno Running Sneaker Reviews

Women’s Wave Inspire 18 Running Shoe

Mizuno Running Sneaker Reviews - ecouponsdeal.com

Price $140 at Mizuno

The most famous technology and product of the company is Mizuno Wave Sneakers . It was she who brought the company to the first lines of the ratings of running shoes. The essence of this technology is the introduction of a plastic of a special shape and rigidity into the sole, which absorbs shocks when it comes into contact with the ground, improves foot support and prevents the foot from getting very tired and injured, and also has a huge margin of safety. Strength is one of the main trump cards of the company.

Its engineers manage not to lose by reducing the weight of the shoe to just a few hundred grams. As a result, we have lightweight running shoes that you can not be afraid to “kill” with frequent runs.

Women’s Wave Rebellion Running Shoe

Price $180 at Mizuno

The Wave Rebellion silences the little voice in your head that says you’ve reached your personal best.

Men’s Tf-01 Training Shoe

Men’s Tf-01 Training Shoe review at Ecoupondeal

Price $125 at Mizuno

Mizuno’s second innovation in the Training Category, the TF-01 utilizes MIZUNO COB technology, which helps improve balance and body awareness, in a sharper bottomed outsole geared towards speed and agility, as well as general fitness workouts.

Wave Exceed Tour 5 Ac Women’s Tennis Shoe

Wave Exceed Tour 5 Ac Women’s Tennis Shoe reviews - Ecouponsdeal.com

Price $135 at Mizuno

Faster, lighter and more flexible than before, the all-new WAVE EXCEED TOUR 5 AC is designed for the advanced player looking for the utmost in explosive on-court performance.

Mizuno Ambition 2 All Surface Low Men’s Turf Shoe

Mizuno Ambition 2 All Surface Low Men’s Turf Shoe- ecouponsdeal

Price$85 at Mizuno

With the new Ambition 2 AS, Mizuno has created a TRUE all-surface shoe that is designed to maximize performance on real grass, artificial turf, and all common indoor surfaces.


  • Comfortable underfoot platform
  • Seamless fit
  • Soft collar
  • Durable
  • Well-cushioned
  • Responsive
  • Effective traction


  • Causes toe cramps
  • Stiff ride

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