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Why am I so sure of this? 

There is one strong argument for that. Louis Vuitton accessories are the standard of impeccable taste, so this handbag is a must-have for every self-respecting fashion. It is important to get exactly the original model, because LV is not only the most popular, but also the most copied brand in the world.

I bet you have at least one Louis Vuitton handbag in your accessory collection.

Louis Vuitton was founded in the late 19th century. She became a fashion house in France, where you could buy not only practical, but very beautiful suitcases. Louis Vuitton has never had a sale in its entire history and plans to continue in the same spirit. The principle of the brand is unshakable: if the bag is so bad that it is not for sale, it is easier to get rid of it. This says a lot: quality, design and customer convenience are her top priorities.

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Where do Louis Vuitton handbags start?

The management of the company then and now subtly feels what fashionistas want. And he always gives it to them on time. So in the 1930s, a handbag for everyday wear called the Speedy 30 appeared. The number 30 is not accidental here. It means the width of the accessory in centimeters. This is a universal size, because the handbag turned out to be stylish, roomy and very similar to a smaller copy of its older brother – the Keep all travel bag for hand luggage.

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The miniature model Speedy 30 has become a classic and the basis for many limited edition accessories released by the brand. After all, fashionistas simply fell in love with these graceful rounded shapes, incredible spaciousness and elegant design. That’s why pet-Speedy is the main dream of stylish ladies.

There are many celebrities among them. By the way, in the future, the handbag was produced only in large sizes. But at the request of Audrey Hepburn, the Louis Vuitton fashion house released the Speedy 25 model. Accordingly, its width is 25 cm. The petite actress did not like huge trunks. Therefore, an elegant handbag from her favorite brand made her very happy. Thanks to the favorite of millions, an accessory of this size is still included in the collections of Louis Vuitton.

Bag Louis Vuitton 3 in 1: a total guide and reviews of the Multi pochette bag

Since 2019, Instagram has been filled with photos of stars with a Louis Vuitton 3 in 1 bag with a small round wallet on a belt. Bagaholic sorts out the name of this three bag bag and whether it’s worth buying.

A Louis Vuitton 3 in 1 bag with a round purse on a belt is called a Multi pochette. The set includes three items on the belt: a large purse (or pochette), a small purse and another small round purse. So Louis Vuitton Multi pochette is one bag consisting of three.

The triple bag comes with a strap. If the bag itself is in a classic monogram, then the belt is pink or khaki.

Now the famous Louis Vuitton 3 in 1 bag is available in different colors:

• Classic monogram (brown)
• Large monogram (black)
• Denim (summer collection)

Each season, its next version is released in a new color and new material.

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Bag Louis Vuitton 3 in 1: history

The prototype of the now famous 3 in 1 bag with a round purse on a belt appeared in 1992. It was a simple package. By the way, it is correct to call the bag exactly pochette, and not “honor”, as many people write: the word came from French. It was a small flat bag resembling a cosmetic bag, which became a very popular accessory. The original pochette is still popular today.

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Almost 30 years later, small bags and cute accessories are back in fashion. And designers Louis Vuitton decided to create a new version of the familiar pochette, combining the pochette and a small round wallet (coin box), which was also sold separately before.

Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Bag Reviews

Fans of the Multi Pochette bag pay attention to its advantages:

  • For the price of one item, you get 3 bags and a belt. And if one of these items is not needed, you can sell it and save a lot on the total cost of the item.
  • Depending on the season and mood, you can combine the details of the 3 in 1 bag in different ways.
  • These accessories can be combined both with each other and with other things.
  • The Multi Pochette 3 in 1 is now available in a variety of colors and leathers – timeless classic monogrammed, black leather, denim with red accents. You can always choose the combination you like.

Disadvantages of a Louis Vuitton 3 in 1 bag

  • If you fell in love with this cute Louis Vuitton bag with a round purse, then don’t rush to rejoice. In 2019, when the bag appeared, many fashionistas were faced with the fact that it was impossible to buy it in a boutique. Sellers in boutiques shrugged: it’s sold out.
  • Now, 4 years after the launch, it’s safe to say that Louis Vuitton is deliberately limiting the sale of popular bags like the Metis and the Multi pochette.
Bag Louis Vuitton Multi pochette: is it worth buying?

The choice is always yours. As people in love with bags, we can advise one thing: if you fall in love with a thing. buy it! The Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette paved the way for other accessory bags. After fashionistas all over the world fell in love with it, the fashion house released several more bags with a wide belt and a round coin box. This is both New Wave Multipochette and Maxi Multipochette.

History Of Iconic Monogram

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The original drawing is known to everyone, but at one time its creation became a cunning marketing ploy that laid the foundation for the formation of Louis Vuitton’s corporate identity. The son of the founder of the company, Georges-Louis Vuitton, suggested highlighting their products with the help of a monogram. It was he who came up with the world-famous interlacing of the Latin letters L and V. Such a solution helped protect buyers from fakes, because leather with such a bold pattern stylishly distinguished the product. Only the fashion house of the same name could sell these.

Unique classic pattern called Monogramm from the monogram of Louis Vuitton. Other drawings are a reflection of the trend to use oriental elements in the design. Initially, this pattern was placed on natural red-tanned leather. Over time, it acquires a caramel or amber color.

If we talk about the material from which the Speedy bags are made, then it is called canvas. This is a strong cotton fabric, rubberized and treated in a special way, which, as a result, makes it very wear-resistant. Handles, edging along the edges, all kinds of fasteners are made of leather. Hardware in yellow metal.

To further protect against fakes, the company has created another pattern called Damier Ebene. This is a well-known chess pattern, on which, at regular intervals and on cells of a certain color, the inscription Louis Vuitton Paris is placed. Now this drawing is created on a rubberized canvas woven from threads of two shades of brown. Their original weaving creates a checkerboard pattern. These 2 patterns have become a classic and the basis for modern limited collections.

How To Distinguish An Original From A Fake

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I saved the tastiest for dessert. After all, the dream of a Louis Vuitton bag should come true for every fashionista. Not half and fake, but for real. Let’s find out what is good about the original handbag and what even a mirror copy will not have.

Number lock with 2 keys. You can protect the contents of your handbag from prying eyes at any time. On a special leather tag, the name of the brand, country of manufacture and a number indicating the size of the bag are written. The color of the lining of the handbag depends on the canvas: Monograms have a brown “heart”, Damier Ebene has a red heart, Damier Azur has a light beige.

If you like Checkered Speedy, be sure to compare the look of the model with her photo on the official website of the brand before buying. It is important that the cells with inscriptions are located in the same way.


Fashion house Louis Vuitton has taught fashionistas to be stylish and practical. Special technologies make their accessories literally eternal. They do not scratch and become unusable. Over the years, the Louis Vuitton handbag becomes vintage and increases in value. So it is quite a reasonable investment in your image and status. Be stylish anytime, anywhere.

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