How To Have Sex With A Girl On A First Date

How to a sex with girl

Interested in the question – how to have sex with a girl on a first date? To make sex on a first date possible, you need to competently and gracefully go through all the stages – from preparation to the date itself. And the most important thing to pay attention to is the emotional state of the girl before the meeting.


There are different strategies that will lead you to the desired result, and the first of them is to communicate with a girl goodbye in a sexual way against the background of a high-quality and vivid acquaintance, when you seduce a girl even before the meeting.

Let’s immediately dot the “i”. The phrase “you seduce a girl until we meet” means not only that you seduce her, but also that the girl reciprocates your sexual pro-vocations. If you are provoking and the girl is not “led”, then knowing how to have sex with a girl on a first date will not help you and your chances will be equal to the chances of winning the jackpot in a casino.

Well, if a girl reacts joyfully and skillfully wins back your ambiguous and hints in conversations and correspondence, and even provokes you to have sex herself, then the trick is in the bag. And the easiest way in this case to end a date with sex is to go to a bar with a girl, drink a couple of cocktails, dance and offer to go to your place or just have sex in a bar, toilet, car or any nearby secluded corner. Separately, we advise you to read about how to behave with a girl .


If you didn’t do any preparatory work, or puffed with all your might, tried, and the girl pretends that she doesn’t understand what you are talking about and you don’t write these messages to her at all, then you will have to work hard on the first date.

What is the result forged from? A girl is an emotional being and it is necessary to influence her exclusively emotionally. You can’t logically convince her that today it’s profitable to have sex with you, and not having sex is not profitable. It won’t work.

She should have a strong sense of trust in you and an equally strong sense of attraction. And she should also have the feeling that you have been spending time together for a long time. 

Change Of Place

Therefore, the very first thing you can plan is a change of location. That is, during your first meeting, you must change the place several times.


You have a lot to communicate with a girl. During the conversation, you should gently indicate that you are not a lonely abandoned woman, but a successful man who is looking for a girl for a relationship. And now you are alone, because for a long time you cannot find anyone suitable.

Also, you should be able to tell stories that sex with you is a great pleasure for a girl.

For example, it could be a story about how you vacationed in Spain, where there was a sports camp in which you met a girl with whom you played volleyball together. And for you, this story is very unusual, because you had an intimacy and during an orgasm the girl was crying, although it was clear that her body was enjoying herself, and she herself was happy and her face was happy, but filled with tears from surging emotions. And for you, this is surprising, because during an orgasm, girls are usually happy. 

And with this story, you show that you have at least seen a female orgasm. For a girl, this is important. At the same time, it is clear from the story that you travel and play volleyball, and in general, well done. And such stories need to be introduced from the very beginning of your communication. And do not ask her how to have sex with a girl, it can be repulsive. 


In the article “Touching on a Date,” I went into great detail about how to touch a girl correctly and effectively. Remember that you need to touch the girl from the very beginning, and if the girl “freezes”, then, with a probability of 90%, today you will not have close contact.

How To Have Sex With A Girl? You Need To Be Fully Prepared!

Without your willingness to have sex and without your willingness to give up this girl, there will be no result. That is, if it is written on your face that there is no other alternative for you but to have sex, the girl will definitely understand this and she will be unpleasant, even if she really wanted to have sex with you right here and now.

This is a very important thesis. You have to be ready to give it up and you have to be ready to have sex at any second , so condoms and everything else, please, prepare in advance.


The question of how to have sex with a girl is closed. After following all these rules, you will do your part of the work. But if the girl came to you with certain beliefs, one of which includes strict celibacy for the next twenty years, then your impeccable plan will probably fail. And every time it’s a lottery for you. You never know the ending in advance. Therefore, you should always be aware that preparations are also underway from the other side. A girl may not go to you simply because she fundamentally does not have sex on a first date, or just not on that day or not in that mood.

But if you have not had sex, then there is nothing to worry about. If you had a high-quality first date, then on the second date there may well be excellent ardent, hot and juicy jazz in bed.

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