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Gucci Style

The uncompromising, defiant, ultra-modern style of the Gucci fashion house is immediately visible. Millions of girls from all over the world are in love with him, and celebrities never cease to amaze with bold looks from the brand on the red carpet. We offer to figure out what is the secret of such a strong fashion connection and love.

About Gucci brand

The Gucci fashion house was founded at the beginning of the last century by the Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur Guccio Gucci and has gone from a workshop for the manufacture of saddles, riding boots and suitcases to one of the main fashion dictators on the world stage. The most tumultuous years have been in the last two decades. Here we see our own style, bold experiments and a challenge to the fashion world.

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From the collections of the Gucci fashion house in the 1990s.

Gucci Sexuality Collection

The creative directors of the Gucci fashion house have changed, but one thing has always remained the same – this is a course on sexuality. The latter has nothing to do with vulgarity, it is not in the collections. Sensual intrigue on the podium creates a detail, sometimes one, but what! A blazer for a naked body, a cutout from the hip, or even a flowing fabric that repeats all the reliefs of a female figure.

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Gucci Brightness Collection

Looking through the collections of Gucci already in the second minute there is a feeling of light variegation in the eyes. In their works, designers interfere with all the very best, so that the thing becomes a cult image. Rich embroidery with thread or beads against the backdrop of unthinkable tones and cosmic shades – this is so in the Gucci style. Not everyone dares to wear this, and only a determined and uncompromising lady.

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Gucci Androgyny Collection

Fashion house Gucci blurs the boundaries between men’s and women’s fashion. Often both men and women participate in the shows, and it is very difficult to understand who is who. As for women’s collections, such a unisex nature is expressed primarily in a hard shoulder girdle, trousers with arrows, strict suits seasoned with lace or lurex.

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Gucci Strip Collection

A classic among prints, but Gucci has its own take on this geometry. Firstly, it is the iconic red and green stripe, by which belonging to the fashion house can be distinguished from afar. Secondly, the most diverse use of this pattern is from delicate edging to total dominance in the image. Everyone remembers the famous classic trousers with stripes on the sides? Gucci work.

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Gucci Mix Of Vintage And Modern

Gucci collections harmoniously and boldly combine modern freedom-loving looks and good old vintage and classics. It is these seemingly incompatible components that determine the personal style of a modern girl.

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Gucci Shoes And Bags Review

All those characteristics that we observed above are not alien to designers when creating shoes and accessories. However, conciseness and classics take dominance even among lush suits and dresses. These are classic shapes and silhouettes, basic shades, iconic print, stripes and crossed Gs.

Gucci Shoes And Bags Review

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