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In the USA they do not like to miss a good opportunity for discounts! Remember, just recently we talked about Mother’s Day, which, according to tradition, was celebrated by many large stores? Now it’s Father’s Day.

Why are we interested in Father’s Day? Obviously mouth-watering discounts! As in the case of Mother’s Day, this holiday is characterized by a discount on specific goods: appliances, men’s clothing and the most diverse American work tools. All this can be bought at very affordable prices.

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Both large stores and smaller ones take part in the holiday fever – the latter are trying their best to attract the attention of customers and work almost at a loss. But it’s only to our advantage.

See below for a detailed selection of stores and discounts for Father’s Day, but for now, a little about the holiday itself.

Father’s Day in the USA

The founder of the most masculine holiday was a woman – Sonora Dodd (nee Smart), a grateful daughter of a father with many children. The Civil War veteran raised six children alone after his wife died in childbirth. The hero’s name was William Jackson Smart, it is thanks to him that Father’s Day is now celebrated in the United States. 

The date happy father s day is also connected with this – a celebration in the city of Spokane, Washington, was planned on Smart’s birthday, June 5, but due to insufficient preparation, everything had to be moved to the third Sunday of the same month, which eventually became the traditional days for this developments.

The national holiday was recognized only in 1966 under the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, although by that time it had already been celebrated in most states. Following the United States, other countries began to celebrate happy fathers day – today more than 40 states celebrate Father’s Day on the same dates, including Japan, Argentina, Canada, Turkey, India, Switzerland, Mexico, France, Great Britain.

Despite lobbying from all the major traditional gift industries, at first the holiday did not get much development. However, towards the end of the 20th century, they already wrote about him, something like this: “Father’s Day has become a ‘Second Christmas’ for all the men’s gift-oriented industries.”

Most of the world, including the United States, celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday of the first month of summer. So, Father’s Day 2019 will fall on June 16th.

Father’s Day Sale Discounts

By tradition, the most important messenger of all major US holidays which always prepares an interesting thematic selection for each such celebration. This time he offers his customers purchases in several sections at once:

  • Clothing;
  • Watch;
  • Tools;
  • Technique.

Also, in addition to interesting discounts, available this holiday – free one-day delivery, valid on some selected products.

So, for example, Invicta watches are sold at a good discount (although in reality it is much less – the initial price is too high), as well as with free shipping.

Joby Father’s Day Sale

Joby up to 20% discount on photography is predominantly a male occupation. That’s why Joby, one of the well-known manufacturers of tripods and other camera accessories, is also having a Father’s Day sale.

Ralph Lauren Father’s Day Sale

You can buy Ralph Lauren clothing in a wide variety of multi-brand stores … or you can also from him, especially considering the wonderful discounts of up to 30% on a modern luxury range. There are no coupons and codes on the site – discounts are already hanging on the price tags of the lion’s share of the store’s goods. The Ralph Lauren brand is a great gift for a stylish man!

Mitchell & Ness Father’s Day Sale

Few men in their lives are indifferent to sports, so for Father’s Day, the famous sportswear brand Mitchell & Ness is dropping prices to the floor! Plus, in addition to 40% discounts, there are usually things on the store window that also fall into the Clearance category – here savings can reach up to 60%. In addition to original products, the store also sells “replicas” of the famous Jersey, so be sure to read the product description before buying.

Harbor Freight Tools Father’s Day Sale

It’s just that it’s worth quite a bit. In the USA, they buy it even without a discount for reasonable money, and on the eve of Harbor Freight Tools Father’s Day, when prices drop to 80%, not buying something in this store is a real crime.

World of Watches Discount

World of Watches discounts on a wide variety of watches, from cheap to very expensive. Discounts up to 70%.

Here is a small selection of stores that decided to congratulate the fathers on their annual holiday:

As you can see, the choice of holiday discounts in the USA is very rich

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