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DECIEM - Review - Ecouponsdeal

Wishlist: What To Buy From Deciem?

Deciem and its wonderful brands were the discovery of the year for me. Favorite eye serum, healing zinc serum, acid exfoliates, and unusual face masks that show noticeable results after the first application have been part of my daily skin care for 5 months now. Technological formulations and product descriptions that are obscure to most need explanation and recommendations. This guide is for those who want to buy everything, but where to start is not clear.

Niod – Skin Care For The Hyper-educated

The most advanced, sophisticated and expensive Deciem brand. The founder of the company, Brandon Truax, admitted in an interview that the business earns the least on it, valuable ingredients and the production of cosmetics are too expensive.

Deciem brand - Ecouponsdeal

Niod products combine everything that skincare maniacs love so much now: ancient traditions and high technologies, natural ingredients, more typical for brands with a holistic (holistic) approach, and cosmetic assets. The brand’s team literally “shelved” each composition right on the site, explaining what and how it works.

Beauty Advisor Favorites : Copper Amino Isolate Serum 5% (CAIS) is a lightweight, watery serum with a high concentration of copper tripe tide, a well-known anti-aging ingredient. It helps strengthen blood vessels, even out tone, stimulates collagen production and improves the overall appearance of the skin. The manufacturer promises the first results in 5 days.

Copper Amino Isolate Serum - Ecouponsdeal

Non-Acid Acid Precursor 15% ( NAAP) is a probiotic-based polishing serum. Niod formulas lack AHA and BHA acids and retinol – the brand team explains this by the fact that they act aggressively and cause inflammation at the cellular level. Probiotics have a similar effect – even out the relief and remove dead cells, but they do not have side effects. The product is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Non-Acid Acid Precursor - Ecoupondeal

Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (SDSM) is an antioxidant anti-inflammatory facial spray. The high content of superoxide dismutase in the composition helps fight oxidative stress in cells and prevents inflammation, which is caused by ultraviolet radiation and blue light from smartphones, computers and e-readers. In addition, the mist moisturizes the skin.

antioxidant anti-inflammatory facial spray - Ecouponsdeal

Mask Mastic Must (MM) . Clay-free cleansing and pore-shrinking mask? 

Yes, this is possible. Does not dry, does not tighten, does not cause irritation and peeling. It works due to the content of plant resin (it is she who is responsible for cleansing pores), niacin amide, lactobacillus enzyme, arginine and plant extracts in the composition.

To achieve optimal results, the manufacturer advises using an unusual life hack: once you have washed off the mask, dry your face with a hair dryer. Sounds funny, but it actually works.

Flavanone Mud MaskDeep cleansing product for oily and problematic skin. 

It would seem that you don’t expect anything magical from a mixture of several types of clays with flavonoids, bisabolol and polysaccharides, but magic happens before our eyes. 

Deeply cleanses, does not dry, “extinguishes” inflammation, evens out skin tone. For all this, the brand can be forgiven for its frankly inconvenient packaging, from which it is convenient to get the product only with a cotton swab.

Neck Elasticity Catalyst (NEC). Nowadays, everyone needs a separate remedy for the neck: work at the monitor and constant scrolling of the news feed on the smartphone cause postural disorders and provoke early aging of the neck. NEC “knows how” to erase the signs of aging and works as a prophylactic. It contains tetrapeptides, amino acids, caffeine, carnitine and a special form of hyaluronic acid (weighing less than 10 kDa), which penetrates into the deep layers of the skin.

Neck Elasticity Catalyst (NEC) - Ecouponsdeal

With Hylamide, All Layers Of The Skin Are In Order.

Hylamide is Deciem’s ​​more budget brand. But the quality and effectiveness of her compositions is at the level. However, not all products show high results, and we are not used to spending money on mediocre cosmetics. There are 3 favorite products on the Beauty Advisor list.

Eye Serum SuBQ Eyes - Ecouponsdeal

Eye Serum SuBQ Eyes. The undisputed favorite of 2016 in the eyelids category. Light yet rich serum with decent moisturizing properties, a noticeable refreshing and anti-aging effect. The fine mesh of wrinkles will be destroyed in 2-3 months. In the composition – 4 types of peptides, algae extracts, lecithin, plant extracts and oils.

The Ordinary – Simple, Budget, Working Compositions

Serums at $6-14 apiece, stuffed with cosmetic assets in working concentrations, made a splash in the beauty market – everyone wanted them. The brand is developing rapidly: over the past 2 months, it has released several new products in each category of products (acids, vitamins and oils), and will soon announce the launch of an innovative make-up line Colors.

The Ordinary - Ecouponsdeal

Beauty Advisor favorites : Niacinamide + Zinc Serum – heals, reduces sebum production, increases skin barrier function, softens post-acne marks and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, evens out skin tone and improves skin texture.

Exfoliant Lactic Acid 5% + HA

Exfoliant Lactic Acid 5% + HA - Ecouponsedeal

Soft superficial peeling based on lactic acid with the addition of hyaluronic acid. Helps to even out skin texture and tone without irritating it. It has a pH of 3.8, safe for home use.

Exfoliant Lactic Acid 10% + HA

Exfoliant Lactic Acid 10% - Ecouponsdeal

Another peeling based on lactic acid. You can switch to its use after a 5% peel if your skin feels good and does not react to the use of AHA acids with redness, irritation and peeling. Use 1-2 times a week. 

Eye Serum Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG .

Alpha Lipoic Acid 5%. - Ecouponsdeal

Thanks to the high content of caffeine (a well-known lipolytic) and catechin EGCG, obtained from green tea, it helps to get rid of puffiness under the eyes and dark circles. 

Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution Brightening Serum 12%.


Vitamin C is one of my favorite ingredients in cosmetics, but choosing the right one and “taming” it is quite difficult. Ascorbyl glucoside is a water-soluble form of vitamin C. Due to this, it is slightly less effective than the L-ascorbic form of the vitamin (it is often found on the market, products with it usually have an oily texture), but it acts more gently and does not cause irritation. Stimulates collagen production and reduces pigmentation. 

Peptide serum “Buffet”.

Fights all signs of aging at once. Contains 5 types of peptides with different effects, probiotics and amino acids. The total concentration of active components in the serum is 25.1%. Good for mature skin.

You can buy Deciem products on the official website – or on

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