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How to decorate a house in the Christmas traditions of Europe?

“Magic is in the air” is about Christmas markets in different parts of Europe. If going abroad for Christmas doesn’t work out, then just arrange a little Europe at home. Read our historical information about jewelry and décor in different countries, buy the coziest gifts, and don’t forget about the general trends in popular colors and combinations.

How to decorate a house in the Christmas traditions of Europe? - Ecouponsdeal

Set Of Diffuser And Flowers Statica

The French love to decorate their house for Christmas with flowers. But in winter it is not so easy to find flowers, so an aroma diffuser will be a good replacement. Filler Fiower blossom – warm and fragrant. Inhaling the aroma, it seems that you find yourself in a spring garden, where a light breeze gently touches the flower petals.

Decorative Dome Winter Tenderness

Cotton is unique! On the one hand, white as snow, it seems piercingly cold. On the other hand, it is soft and fluffy, associated with warmth and comfort. An elegant decorative composition with cotton under a glass dome looks like weightless snow flakes in the light of stars. Ideal for romantic natures.

Tea Set Sea Buckthorn

Tea has magical properties. A noble drink helps to warm up, start a conversation and even solve problems. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange tea parties in a proper way. And the main component is beautiful dishes. A set with charming sea buckthorn in pastel colors will decorate any table.

A Set Of Glasses “For The New Year”

The main drink of all Christmas markets in Germany is mulled wine. Pay attention to the original set of glasses for mulled wine “For the New Year”. The set also includes two bags of spices, so that there are no problems with the preparation of this wonderful drink.

Breakfast Table “Coffee In Bed”

“This world isn’t so bad as long as it has coffee” and a breakfast or snack table in bed. A birch table top, pine legs and a comfortable size will make breakfast in bed comfortable, and an evening with your favorite TV series and a plate of chips cozier. And no crumbs in bed.

Certificate For Home Fragrances

Aromas are able to create a fragrant atmosphere in the house and cheer up all residents and guests. Vases, sticks, diffusers, refills and sets of stabilized flowers will create wonderful aromatic compositions, and you will contribute to this with your gift.

Photocards On A Garland With Clothespins

Photo printing is a great opportunity to share pleasant memories and mood with loved ones. With the help of photos, you can decorate a wall or New Year’s gifts. Printing is carried out on high-quality paper in order to convey as much as possible all the subtleties of the moments captured in the photo.

Star Lamps

In Sweden, the Christmas Star (Julsjärna) is hung in homes – a five-six-seven-pointed lamp in the form of a star made of paper, cardboard, plastic, wood or metal. The meaning of the star in the window is very simple – it is the symbol of the Star of Bethlehem. In this way, the Swedes show that in every home they believe in Christ.

Perfumed Sachets

The easiest way to surround yourself with your favorite fragrances for a long time is, of course, perfumed sachets. A small bag filled with fragrance can be left in the room, on a shelf in a closet, in a shoe box, in a pocket, bag or backpack. The smell will last up to 3 months.

Plant In A Jar “Christmas Tree”

Czechs love unusual gifts. Think it’s just a tin can with a lid? But no! Inside there is fertile soil with spruce seeds prepared for germination. If you water the soil from time to time, in a few weeks a real miracle will happen, and a living tree will be in your hands.

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