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About CEP Sportswear

Under the CEP brand, the German medical company Medi produces compression stockings for athletes, using the latest scientific achievements in its creation. In Russia, the CEP brand has been introduced since 2012, and in 10 years it has become well known primarily among long-distance runners. At the starts of ultra marathons and trails, you can often see athletes in compression stockings and German brand leggings. With their help, runners try to reduce the risk of injury, avoid muscle cramps during prolonged exertion, and speed up the recovery process after training and competition.

However, the CEP collection is not limited to leggings. Those who are close to sports and fitness can almost completely dress in the brand’s items, literally from top to bottom: from caps and visors to socks and golfs, including t-shirts, shorts and tights. 

The collection also includes specific accessories such as detachable sleeves and various bandages, which are rarely found in other brands. And even experienced runners are sometimes not aware of this part of the CEP catalog. And not only in Russia, but also abroad.

In this article, we decided to fix this and briefly go through all the products of CEP: from running visors to socks. We will tell you how they differ from analogues on the market, and at the same time we will give recommendations on which compression stockings are suitable for an experienced athlete, and which ones will help a beginner.

Cep Running Visors and Caps

CEP visors and caps have a very light and pleasant to the touch material that perfectly wicks away moisture. This helps to cool the scalp, and sweat from the forehead is quickly absorbed into the fabric and does not flood the eyes. 

At the same time, the level of protection from ultraviolet radiation of the material is quite high – UPF 50+, which means that exposed skin areas under it will be reliably protected even during very long runs under the hot sun.

It would seem, what else can you think of something special in a running visor or cap? After all, almost all of them have the same functionality, but … CEP managed to surprise! 

The 2022 cap models are equipped with an original folding visor that folds into an accordion and allows you to put the cap in almost any place convenient for you. It can be tucked into a belt or tucked into a small pocket, not to mention that it fits easily into a running backpack or vest.

And one more plus of a folding visor: such a design protects the face more from those rays that fall on us not only from above, but also from the side. That is, the face is covered much better. 

The author came to this conclusion when he noticed that his photochromic glasses darken much less than with other caps. And when it rains, the risk of your running glasses getting splashed is lower compared to regular running caps with a curved or short straight peak.

T-shirts and T-shirts CEP

CEP has a range of T-shirts with different sleeve lengths and classic running jerseys. They are very light, form-fitting, breathable and compression-free. The only exception is the model shown in the photo: it is reinforced with compression inserts that should straighten your back and correct your posture. It can be used in sports and worn in everyday life.

There are casual models with a loose fit, they are easy to distinguish in the catalog by their appearance and composition, in which cotton is present.

All T-shirts are designed with minimal seams, soft, flat and almost imperceptible, which means that the risk of chafing is practically eliminated.

The fabric of CEP T-shirts and undershirts is knitted into a structure of small cells, which makes it easy for air to pass through. Together with rapid moisture removal, this helps in thermoregulation. 

The fabric does not allow sweat to pour in hail: it quickly absorbs it. At the same time, there is a noticeable cooling effect, because sweat evaporates from the cellular structure of the fabric almost without obstacles, cooling the surface of the skin. In the “hot zones” – the armpits and partly on the back – there are laser perforations and mesh inserts that enhance breathability so that sweat does not linger there. This jersey also dries very quickly: the T-shirt is barely damp after squeezing, and in order to dry completely,

The level of UV protection for CEP T-shirts and T-shirts is maximum: UPF 50+.

Cep Running Tights, Breeches And Shorts

CEP tights, breeches and shorts have the same honeycomb structure as T-shirts, only the material is denser and much stronger. Also, unlike T-shirts and T-shirts, they have a compression effect: the muscles during running and exercise are stabilized and kept from excessive vibrations. Silver ions have been introduced into the structure of the fabric to slow down the growth of bacteria responsible for odor.

All tights and breeches have a comfortable waistband – wide and with a soft elastic band. It gives excellent fixation without squeezing, while its girth is adjustable with a cord. A big plus if the volume of your waist and hips “floats” throughout the year. The calves are tightly wrapped around the soft cuffs. All models feature a discreet but handy zippered back pocket that holds gels, keys or small wireless headphones.

Now there are two generations of CEP tights, breeches and shorts on the market: 2.0 and 3.0. In the more recent 3.0, the specifics inherent in running equipment are better taken into account. For example, a special comfort zone has been created in the popliteal region, which prevents the formation of wrinkles in this place. They can pretty much interfere and even hurt painfully during long runs. Reflective details have also been added here to make the runner more visible on the road at night.

CEP Compression Socks

The most important feature of CEP socks and stockings is supportive compression, which improves blood flow and reduces the likelihood of foot swelling. In addition, all socks are equipped with a special protector in the area of ​​the Achilles tendon, which, due to enhanced fixation, is designed to reduce the risk of injury. 

Additional mid foot compression tightens the arch to help stabilize the arch. The sock supports his muscles and tendons, which is especially valuable when overcoming long distances. It may not feel like a “wow!” effect, but it really helps to reduce the load that you experience during long runs.

The socks are knitted using carbon fibers. They have low thermal conductivity, which is why, coupled with different knitting densities, they do not prevent the feet from cooling naturally. At the same time, they make the threads lighter, while maintaining high elasticity and strength. 

Behind this lies another property of CEP socks – high wear resistance. You need to try to wipe them or tear them on the heel, the knitwear does not stretch and retains the compression effect for the entire period of operation.

CEP socks fit the foot tightly and very precisely. For this reason, the designers made them asymmetrical to prevent the formation of even the slightest folds, which lead to chafing and blisters on long runs.

Silver ions, which inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for unpleasant odors, are also found in knitwear. Don’t expect miracles: after a long workout, CEP socks will not smell fragrant, but they will not exude a stench throughout the room.

The CEP catalog contains socks of a more advanced updated version 3.0. All the technologies listed above are used here, but with an emphasis on moisture removal and cooling of the feet. For this we used the most absorbent nylon yarn TWD Smart Dry. Its fibers are soft and thick, which is why they are able to absorb a much larger amount of moisture than their counterparts, and distribute it over a large area. 

Due to this, sweat evaporates better and from a wider surface. This means that the feet are cooled better and stay dry longer. That is, comfort is higher, and the risk of blisters is lower.

CEP socks are available in three lengths: high, medium and low. Which ones to choose? Here it is necessary to proceed not only from personal preferences, but also from the conditions in which you are going to use these socks. If all models are suitable for running on asphalt, then high versions are preferable for off-road.

CEP Women’s Tops

According to the official catalogue, CEP tops are very comfortable as long as the size and cut are right. On the one hand, they provide high-quality support, on the other hand, they do not restrict movement at all. However, it is difficult for the male part of our editorial staff to appreciate the convenience of CEP tops. 

Therefore, we decided to turn to Elena Khachaturova, the wife of the author of the review, for recommendations. She is not only a professional Nordic walking coach, but also a fairly experienced amateur runner.

Elena Khachaturova: “Girls have different sizes and shapes of breasts, so the perception of supporting properties is radically different. A top either fits or it doesn’t, no matter what brand it is. Therefore, fitting before buying is very important. The most important thing is to understand how comfortable it is for you to put on a top and take it off. If you feel that something is pressing somewhere, especially under the chest, then with a high degree of probability this place will be rubbed during training. For me, it is important how the top will look under the clothes, so I definitely take a sports t-shirt for fitting. During the fitting, you need to jump to understand the level of support. If the first tests went well and you like the thing, then you can buy it. Well, various small nuances can appear already in the process of use.

CEP Gaiters and stockings

They can be used both during sports activities and for recovery after exercise. They maintain muscle tone, actively remove moisture and are well ventilated, cooling the surface of the skin.

Both gaiters and stockings are especially useful for those who have problems with protruding veins. For the rest, they do not so much prevent injuries as they provide additional comfort due to muscle support and faster recovery after exercise. The main thing is to understand how much time you can comfortably spend in them or how much distance you can cover before they may begin to interfere or cause discomfort. This can only be verified experimentally.

Exactly the same principle works in recovery: you use compression gaiters or stockings for as long as you feel help from them.

Both the socks and knee socks use the same technology as the CEP socks. I just want to mention once again that they have a very high wear resistance. They are not only difficult to wipe or tear, but they also practically do not stretch, which is very important for compression stockings.


If you put on leggings, then they should not overlap with socks. The cuff of the sock should lie butt or below the leggings. Otherwise, you will get the effect of double compression, which is not at all useful.

CEP Compression Sleeves

You can feel the beauty of this product during long sports activities, such as endurance running. The compression effect created by the sleeves not only improves blood circulation and relieves fatigue, but really helps to keep the arms half-bent for a long time.

When running in hot climates, the sleeves allow you to protect your forearms from the scorching sun without the use of protective creams, while at the same time they can always be removed if you want to sunbathe a bit.

When folded, the sleeves are very compact, and there is always a place for them in your running vest or belt.

CEP Sports Bandages

CEP Sports Bandages - Ecouponsdeal

They come in various forms, in particular, compression cuffs to support the knee joint and bandages, which are used to support the ankle and for plantar fasciitis, can be noted. Both the first and second ones have a stabilizing compression knitting, which reduces the load on the diseased joint. The massage effect of deep tissues when wearing sports bandages works to reduce swelling.

The knee brace is equipped with internal silicone pads that securely fix it on the leg and prevent it from slipping even during active movements. Bandages, like all CEP products, are made from fabric with excellent breathability and moisture wicking.

Very important! When buying products, be responsible for choosing the right size. Only then can CEP sportswear provide the level of comfort and protection it can provide. If you suddenly find yourself “between two sizes”, then here you need to include the convenience factor, which is different for all products. 

If it is not critical for a T-shirt to be more or less tight, then a women’s top of a smaller size than necessary may be generally unusable. The same principle works with bandages: they must hold, but without excessive pinching. It turns out that in such cases, without trying on, this choice will be made simply at random.

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