6 Brands Of Sportswear For Yoga


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  • With the search for clothes for yoga, you usually don’t have to rack your brains: something suitable is sure to be found in any sports mono- or multi-brand store, and the “golden rules” of her choice are familiar to everyone.

    First of all, yoga clothes should be comfortable and elastic to help you heroically withstand any of the most difficult asanas, and secondly, high-quality and wearable.

    Major sports brands almost always include a separate line of yoga clothing in their assortment, but few people know about the existence of specialized brands for this practice. Out of love (or not, even passion!) for sportswear, we decided to track down sports brands that make stylish and affordable clothing for yoga and more.

    Beyond Yoga Review

    Beyond Yoga Review-Ecouponsdeal.com

    The creator of the Beyond Yoga brand, Jodi Gaber, is her own person in Hollywood. Her father is a famous producer, and her mother is a yoga pioneer and founder of one of the first yoga studios in Los Angeles. And Jodie herself, before immersing herself in yoga and starting to create clothes, worked in a fashion magazine and became friends with the main Hollywood promoter of a healthy lifestyle, Gwyneth Paltrow, who at one time advertised Beyond Yoga clothes.

    The range of the brand includes things that are unpretentiously comfortable and quite suitable for other sports: leggings in all shades of gray, short tops-bodices for them, simple T-shirts and loose hoodies, in which you can spend all Sunday without yoga.

    Alo Yoga Review


    Alo Yoga is a typical example of a new generation fashion brand that cares about its customers, but also about nature and future generations.

    All Alo Yoga clothing is made from eco-friendly materials (like organic cotton and bamboo jersey), and the company itself operates from an office that is lit entirely by solar panels. As for the design of the collections, unlike the competing brands, Alo Yoga does not ignore the seductive effect and makes leggings with transparent tabs, the straps on the T-shirts are as thin as underwear, on the tops there are deep cutouts to the waist.

    NO KA’OI Review

    NO KA'OI Review Discount Code - Ecouponsdeal

    A very young brand with an unpronounceable name NO KA’OI, launched last year, positions itself precisely as high-fashion sportswear with all the relevant special effects: shooting collections on the brand’s website looks no worse than trendsetters Marc Jacobs or Peter Pilotto (futuristic prints make the brand related to the latter), and the price of leggings reaches 11K rubles. And yet, sports and yoga fans will love if not innovative knitwear, then crazy color block prints that make NO KA’OI recognizable in their niche.

    The Upside Review


    The Upside, an Australian brand dedicated to yoga and activewear, describes its style as “the philosophy that women and men will dress in the future.” If not to complicate the whole meaning, then we have the same leggings and tops, but only in a very cheerful spirit – in a marine stripe, with a print in “cucumbers” and a bright surfer theme.

    In addition to sportswear, the collection also includes cozy (but expensive!) vests and stylish swimwear.

    Apres Ramy Brook Review

    Apres Ramy Brook Review - Ecouponsdeal

    Après Ramy Brook is the second line of the Ramy Sharp brand of the same name, which is designed not so much for sports as for relaxation from sports and all pressing affairs and includes clothes made of light and comfortable modal.

    T-shirts and tops with long sleeves, leggings, ponchos and loose trousers in basic gray-white-black. For such a simple, albeit high-quality cut, the price of many things seems overpriced, so it’s better to wait for a sale before getting to know Après Ramy Brook.

    Demix Review

    Demix Review - Ecouponsdeal

    Demix is ​​a Russian sportswear brand with a separate line of items for running, basketball, football and yoga. Considering the more than affordable price tag (the most expensive thing is a sweatshirt worth a little less than 2,000 rubles), you can’t count on a variety of styles and colors, but on the other hand, all the most necessary things for yoga are available:

    sports mini-bodices with straps, and loose-fitting trousers and tops, as well as several types of hoodies and sweatshirts for the final shavasana in warmth and comfort.

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