14 Best BBQ Grills & Tips for Choosing

14 Best BBQ Grills & Tips for Choosing

In this rating of barbecue grills, we will review the most successful models of various types, which you can choose from. In addition, you will learn in which case it is better to use one or another type of this equipment.

Which Barbecue Grill Is Better To Buy

Steel Barbecue Grills

Equipment of this type is a radical improvement of the conventional brazier. It may have many useful devices that increase the convenience of service and the quality of cooking, but the source of heat in it remains charcoal or briquettes based on it.

Steel barbecue grills have a stable support, which is often equipped with casters for movement. The upper edge of the case is located at a height convenient for the cook. The standard kit contains many accessories for thermal processing of various categories of food.

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Advantages of steel barbecue grills

  • Compact design.
  • Mobility.
  • Soot minimum.
  • The cover not only saves fuel consumption, but also prevents grease from splattering.

Cons of Steel Barbecue Grills

  • Prolonged ignition.
  • Limited volume of the working chamber.

Who is better suited. Grills of this category are bought with pleasure by people who are accustomed to an ordinary barbecue, but who decide to switch to more convenient and functional equipment.

Ceramic BBQ Grills

The idea to replace metal with ceramics did not appear by chance. Ceramic products are easier to tolerate high temperatures, do not corrode and retain heat well. Grills made of modern non-metallic materials look similar to traditional models, but it is easier to choose the necessary heat treatment mode in them. The food here is not fried, but rather baked. It becomes more juicy and fresh. In their appearance and properties, such models are similar to the tandoor.

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Pros of Ceramic BBQ Grill

  • Small sizes.
  • Mobility.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • The ability to retain the beneficial properties of food. The special tenderness of the resulting dishes.

Cons of Ceramic BBQ Grill

  • Prolonged ignition.
  • Large in comparison with steel models weight.
  • High price.

Who is better suited. Such equipment is often purchased by small cafes and restaurants, seeking to attract visitors with the variety and exquisite taste of the dishes offered. It can also be afforded by home cooks who know a lot about professional cooking.

Gas Barbecue Grills

A gas grill uses a liquefied propane-butane mixture from a cylinder or natural gas supplied through a pipeline as fuel. It is easily ignited and very quickly reaches the set temperature. In its design there is no firebox to accommodate a sufficient amount of coal, so such devices are sometimes made very compact. The quality of food cooked on such equipment is in no way inferior to dishes from traditional barbecues.

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Pros of Gas BBQ Grills

  • Small size and weight.
  • No smoke.
  • Quick warm up.
  • High versatility.

Cons of Gas BBQ Grills

  • Gas equipment requires strict adherence to safety measures.
  • In severe frosts, a liquefied gas cylinder does not provide the pressure necessary for the normal operation of the burners.
  • It needs to be preheated at room temperature.

Who is better suited. Grills of this type are needed where you need to cook a lot and often. It is usually purchased by catering establishments. Individual owners like its convenience and ease of maintenance.

Barbecue Grills On Firewood

Equipment of this type uses the most accessible type of fuel for the central regions of Russia – firewood. Barbecue grills of this category always have impressive dimensions and resemble an oven with their design. They are equipped with a variety of devices that simplify the work.

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Pros of a Barbecue Grill on Firewood

  • Inexpensive and affordable fuel.
  • Simple device.
  • Serviceability.
  • Possibility of use as a source of space heating.

Cons of Barbecue Grill on Firewood

  • Bulky design requiring fixed installation site equipment.

Who is better suited. Such a grill is suitable for a spacious suburban area, where you can make an open or closed gazebo for it. It will appeal to those who like to combine the process of cooking with the ritual of friendly conversation by the fire.

Best Steel Charcoal BBQ Grills

Weber One-Touch Original 57см

The grill is a steel ball with a diameter of 57 cm, mounted on a triangular stand with a pair of wheels. Handles are provided for moving and safely opening the lid. A grille is installed in the housing. There is a damper for temperature control, the change of which can be monitored by a stationary thermometer. The ash is removed in a non-contact way, pouring out onto a plate intended for it.

Main characteristics:

  • dimensions 101x65x57 cm;
  • weight 13 kg.
Weber One-Touch Original 57см - Ecouponsdeal.com

Pros Weber One-Touch Original 57 cm

  • Compact dimensions.
  • The spherical shape reduces heat loss.
  • Cold handles with protective screens.
  • Convenient One-Touch bowl cleaning system.
  • Included is a basket for carrying briquetted coal.
  • 10 years warranty.

Cons of Weber One-Touch Original 57 cm

  • Expensive accessories.
  • Over time, rust will form on the metal.

Conclusion. Affordable and easy to use item. The need for coal is minimal. Holds heat for a long time and is easy to clean. Suitable for regular garden use.

Weber Compact Kettle 57см

A small spherical grill is mounted on a high support with wheels. The body and cover are made of heat-resistant steel coated with ceramic enamel. The grill for meat does not rust and is easy to clean thanks to multilayer chrome plating. The heat level can be adjusted with aluminum shutters. Glass-fibre reinforced nylon body and lid handles have protective screens and do not burn the skin. A container for storing and carrying coal is provided.

Main Characteristics:

  • dimensions 97x66x58 cm;
  • weight 12.2 kg.
Weber Compact Kettle 57 cm - Ecouponsdeal.com

Pros Weber Compact Kettle 57 cm

  • Compactness.
  • Prefabricated structure. Can be transported in a car.
  • Convenient height.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Always cold hands.

Cons of Weber Compact Kettle 57 cm

  • Over time, from temperature, the threads of the bolts melt and there are difficulties with disassembly and assembly.
  • Weak legs.

Conclusion. Convenient grill for cooking for a small company. You can take it with you to nature. Requires very little coal for kindling and retains heat for a long time.

Weber Go Anywhere, 43x31x41 см

The camping version of the charcoal grill looks like a bag. It consists of a rectangular body with a lid. The heat level can be adjusted with rotary dampers. Bent legs made of thick steel wire are attached to the bottom. The kit includes two types of grates (for fuel and food), a stew tray and a charcoal storage tank. The handle of the lid is made of heat-resistant nylon and does not heat up, thanks to the protective screen.

Main Characteristics:

  • dimensions 43x31x41 cm;
  • weight 6 kg.
Weber Go Anywhere, 43x31x41 см - Ecouponsdeal.com

Pros Weber Go Anywhere, 43x31x41 cm

  • Light weight and compact dimensions.
  • Mobility.
  • Convenient form.
  • Ability to cook meat and vegetables.
  • High-quality metal, protected by heat-resistant enamel.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Keeps heat for a long time, which can be regulated by dampers.

Cons Weber Go Anywhere, 43x31x41 cm

  • At one time, you can cook a dish only for a small company.
  • Low and unreliable legs.
  • No side carry handles.
  • Over time, the bars begin to bend.

Conclusion. This grill is good for field trips with a small company. It occupies a minimum of space and is quickly brought into working condition. For home use it is small and not so convenient, but you can use it.

Go Garden Weekend 54 Comfort

Inexpensive functional model, consists of a rectangular body with rounded edges, a hinged lid and a stable support with two rollers. There is a main grill for cooking and an additional shelf for sorting or heating food in a gentle mode. The degree of heating can be adjusted with a damper. The folding cutting board made of heat-resistant plastic serves as a convenient stand for dishes and is easy to clean.

Main Characteristics:

  • dimensions 84x93x55.5 cm;
  • weight 7.6 kg.
Go Garden Weekend 54 Comfort - Ecouponsdeal.com

Pros Go Garden Weekend 54 Comfort

  • Thoughtful design.
  • Ease of cooking and cleaning.
  • The grill is spacious enough to cook a couple of dishes at the same time for a medium company.
  • Low price.

Cons of Go Garden Weekend 54 Comfort

  • The body begins to deform over time from temperature. Gaps appear at the point of contact with the cover.
  • Poor corrosion protection.

Conclusion. The manufacturer carefully worked on creating a functional design, but decided to save on materials. The model is comfortable. It is not necessary to count on a long service life with intensive use. You can buy it at the dacha in order to sometimes diversify your diet and be able to surprise guests with delicious food.

Best Ceramic BBQ Grills

Primo Oval Large

The barbecue grill of this American brand has a spherical appearance and is designed for floor installation. It consists of a ceramic base and the same dome, which fit snugly in the closed position to each other. Inside are installed: a bowl for coal, a cast-iron grate, a stainless steel grate covered with porcelain enamel. Separately, you can purchase a partition to create zones of direct and indirect impact. The lid has a built-in thermometer and a temperature control flap.

The device is designed to work in different modes from grilling and baking to baking, smoking and languishing. One bookmark of coal can be enough for 10-12 hours of processing at a temperature of 110-115 ° C.

Main Characteristics:

  • dimensions 64x61x47 cm;
  • weight 66 kg.
Primo Oval Large - Ecouponsdeal.com

Pros Primo Oval Large

  • Large selection of heat treatment methods.
  • Possibility of preparing a wide variety of dishes, including voluminous ones.
  • Zoning allows you to cook different foods at the same time.
  • Reliable and comfortable design.
  • Economical consumption of coal.
  • Possibility of cleaning in the calcination mode.

Cons Primo Oval Large

  • Big mass.
  • Inconvenient to move.
  • High price.

Conclusion. This grill can be advised to those who care about the quality and variety of food, and the cost is not decisive. When buying, it is better to take care of the equipment of a stationary installation site, since the device is not suitable for frequent movement.

Kamado Joe Classic II, 118x71x121

The easy-to-use barbecue grill has a spherical shape and is mounted on a stable support with four movable castors. On the sides, two small shelves are attached to it for placing dishes or auxiliary tools.

Inside there is a grate, a sliding ash drawer and a two-level grate. The kit includes tongs for operations with internal equipment and a poker to stir up coals. An optional flat pizza stone is also available. The patented system of dividing the space into zones Divide & Conquer makes it possible to simultaneously cook dishes that require different heat treatment.

The pneumatic mechanism makes it easy to lift the lid and hold it in any position. A heat-resistant refractory glass gasket ensures complete tightness of the closure. The grill is able to maintain a stable temperature in the range from 107 to 400 ° C. The control is carried out using a thermometer. For regulation, a rotary damper on the air duct cover is used.

Main characteristics:

  • dimensions 121x118x71 cm;
  • weight 123 kg.
Pluses Kamado joe Classic II, 118x71x121 - Ecouponsdeal.com

Pluses Kamado joe Classic II, 118x71x121

  • Very comfortable design.
  • Possibility of movement.
  • High quality materials used.
  • The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty.
  • Wide range of working temperatures with creation of zones of direct and indirect action.
  • The volume of the chamber is designed for cooking for 4-7 persons.
  • Large selection of additional accessories.

Cons Kamado joe Classic II, 118x71x121

  • Only high cost.

Conclusion. A very reliable and easy-to-use American model for professional use or for those who want and know how to enjoy cooking.

Big Green Egg Medium EGG

The small ceramic BBQ grill for the average family is in the form of a rounded vertical vessel for floor mounting. Additionally, you can purchase a stand on wheels and a pair of side shelves. The body and cover of the device are made of innovative materials that can withstand up to 100,000 heating and cooling cycles. A layer of glaze ensures the perfect cleanliness of the internal surfaces.

The set includes: a ceramic bowl for coal with a grate, a ring with a heat shield, a stainless steel grill for placing dishes. There is a thermometer and a rotary air damper with a plug. The spring mechanism makes it easy to lift the lid. The grill is able to work at different temperature conditions. One bookmark of coal is enough for 8 hours.

Main characteristics:

  • dimensions 72x38x38 cm;
  • weight 43 kg.
Pros of Big Green Egg Medium EGG - Ecouponsdeal.com

Pros of Big Green Egg Medium EGG

  • Possibility of preparing meals in various ways.
  • Convenient design.
  • Mobility.
  • Environmental Safety.
  • Economical consumption of coal.
  • Long service life.
  • The manufacturer promises a lifetime warranty.

Cons of Big Green Egg Medium EGG

  • High price.

Conclusion. Expensive, but very convenient unit for cooking delicious food. Relatively small size designed for family use. A good purchase that will last for several generations.

Best Gas BBQ Grills


The barbecue grill of this brand is a metal table mounted on a chassis with an oven built into it. On the side there is a box for a gas cylinder. Three specially shaped jets ensure uniform combustion, and aromatic plates built into the firebox not only help to properly distribute heat, but also evaporate dripping fat and fill the space with the smell of baked meat.

Products are placed on a wide cast-iron grate measuring 68×48 centimeters or hung on a spit. A temperature sensor, backlight and data transfer on the degree of readiness to a smartphone are provided.

Main characteristics:

  • dimensions 137x155x74 cm;
  • weight 70 kg.
Weber GENESIS II E-310 GBS - Ecouponsdeal.com

Conclusion. This oven is ideal for quickly preparing a large number of meat or vegetable dishes. Affordable price allows you to have such a device in an individual household. It is suitable for a large family or hospitable hosts who like to host guests.

Char-Broil Professional 4

The BBQ grill of a well-known American brand is a table made of stainless steel with an oven built into it, a lockable lower drawer, side shelves and a control panel located at the end. The entire structure rests on small rollers. The device is equipped with automatic ignition, an adjustable heat distribution system, an additional side burner, a wide grate, a drip tray and a folding shelf for heating dishes.

Main characteristics:

  • dimensions 116x151x56 cm;
  • weight 59 kg.
Char-Broil Professional 4 - Ecouponsdeal.com

Conclusion. The model successfully combines a grill and a hob. It is suitable for regular use in a country cottage. Its price is affordable, and the service does not cause any difficulties.

Napoleon Rogue 425 SBPK

Beautiful and reliable grill of a well-known Canadian company, made of stainless steel. It is mounted on easy-to-turn wheels with locks, which allows you to move it within your site and install it in any convenient place. It has three piezo-ignited burners, a built-in temperature sensor, two side tables and a signature wavy cast-iron grate. Fans of cooking on charcoal can purchase an additional solid fuel tray and insert it into the body of the device.

Main characteristics:

  • dimensions 114x151x56 cm;
  • weight 65 kg.
Napoleon Rogue 425 SBPK - Ecouponsdeal.com

Conclusion. The universal model for cooking a variety of food is easy to handle and takes up minimal space due to the prefabricated design. Even with a sudden gas supply cutoff, you can quickly switch to using coal.

Weber Q 1200

An inexpensive and compact grill of this brand is able to quickly cook meat or vegetable dishes for a small company. It can be placed on a table or placed on the ground. It has a wide aluminum body with short legs. On the sides are two shelves for dishes and accessories.

The temperature sensor is built into the lid. Ignition from an electric battery. The degree of heating is regulated by a rotary knob. Food is placed on a cast-iron grate covered with porcelain enamel. There is a tray for collecting fat.

Main characteristics:

  • dimensions 40x104x42 cm;
  • weight 12 kg.
Weber Q 1200 - Ecouponsdeal.com

Conclusion. Very simple and convenient thing for a country house. Quickly put into working position and does not require special care. The cost is available for every family.

The Best Wood-Fired BBQ Grills


The grill consists of a cylindrical hearth made of 3 mm thick steel, above which a smoke dome with an anti-rain umbrella at the outlet is installed on vertical racks. There are folding wooden tables and swivel stands for the simultaneous preparation of several dishes. The set includes a barbecue grill, a skewer, a barbecue set, boards for stewing fish and many other accessories.

Main characteristics:

  • dimensions 223x147x105 cm;
  • weight 150 kg.
KOTAGRILL BBQ Original - Ecouponsdeal.com

Conclusion. The kit contains everything you need to equip the hearth of a Finnish gazebo. It is suitable for owners of a country house who prefer to comfortably relax in nature at any time of the year.

Buschbeck DAVOS

The grill of this German brand is a small vertical oven made of vibropressed refractory concrete. It consists of a hearth with a barbecue grill, a dome with a chimney and a niche for storing firewood. The size of the frying surface is 54×34 cm.

Multi-level grooves for installing accessories make it easy to choose the desired cooking mode. The structure is assembled on site from large blocks manufactured at the factory and fastened with the mortar included in the delivery. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.

Main characteristics:

  • dimensions 203x110x65 cm;
  • weight 518 kg.
Buschbeck DAVOS - Ecouponsdeal.com

Conclusion. This oven can become a stylish attribute that can not only ensure the baking of delicious dishes, but also decorate the cooking area.

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