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The Balenciaga brand is popular all over the world. Its creators enjoy a reputation as innovators who like to shock the public. The most famous Balenciaga sneakers are distinguished by a unique silhouette, an original structure of the sole, a massive heel, and eye-catching color solutions.

Designers never cease to amaze, and marketing specialists know how best to present each new model.

The reputation of the brand is supported by the fact that shoes are made from durable and high-quality materials, including leather and suede. Unique types of breathable textiles and rubber are used.

The shape of the sole provides excellent cushioning. Some of the most controversial and extravagant models

Brand history

The founder of the fashion house, Cristobal Balenciaga, was accustomed to sewing from childhood – he helped his mother, who worked as a seamstress, and already in his teens, Cristobal became a tailor’s apprentice. Thus, when opening his own atelier in 1937, the designer already had more than two decades of experience behind him. The talented Spaniard was forced to leave his native land because of the war, so he moved to Paris – such a tragic reason was such a great start for the whole fashion world.

Balenciaga Review - Sport Sneakers-Ecouponsdeal

After the war, fashion began to develop very rapidly. Cristobal received praise from Dior himself, became the teacher of such outstanding masters as Oscar de la Renta and Hubert Givenchy.

Among the brand’s fans were the brightest personalities of cinema and politics: Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlene Dietrich. The fashion designer created special outfits for aristocrats and rulers.

Balenciaga Sneakers For Men And Women

Balenciaga Review - Sport Sneakers

You can talk endlessly about the clothes and accessories of the brand, but our topic today is shoes. This is a separate line of business that deserves to be considered independently of the rest of the brand’s undertakings. Balenciaga sneakers are worth buying for their original appearance in the first place – the brand’s unique silhouettes really differ from their counterparts.

The brand has been producing classic shoes for a long time, but today Balenciaga sneakers for women are much easier to buy than shoes – the production volumes of sports models greatly exceed other areas. This is a result of increased demand. In addition, the original price of Balenciaga sneakers is more than justified – this is not just a stylish element of the wardrobe, but well-thought-out functional shoes.

It is worth highlighting the most popular Balenciaga sneakers – their price is different, closer to the luxury segment, but affordable for consumers with average incomes.


One of the latest bestsellers, a futuristic model, the top of which is made in the form of a sock – it completely fits the foot, has no laces and other elements. It’s the perfect combination of style and sporty functionality. The appearance is especially attractive, it is simple and concise, in monochrome colors. 

Balenciaga SPEED TRAINER-Ecouponsdeal

These sneakers are very easy to put on, the shaft fits comfortably around the foot. The outsole provides excellent cushioning properties, while the dense material of the upper provides an adaptive fit. The materials are selected so that the total weight is minimal, and ventilation is also provided here. This format was a breakthrough in the field of sports shoes, many other companies immediately began to copy the silhouette. Designers have relied on comfort, but the real popularity came to this pair in high fashion circles, and not at all on sports fields.

Balenciaga Triple S

The most demanded model of the brand today. The name was given because of the triple sole – it has several layers of materials of different texture and composition, each of which has its own purpose and features. The first outer layer is protective, so the sole will last a long time even in conditions of constant training.

The overall look is a bit sloppy, as if the Balenciaga triple s were made without a clear design. But this is a deceptive impression, which the masters wanted to achieve. In fact, every detail is thought out here, the model itself looks very massive and even decorative, but it is very convenient and practical. Upper material: nubuck, leather, mesh.

Balenciaga Runner

Balenciaga Runner Shoes Ecouponsdeal

Another running option that looks chic. The upper is made of technical neoprene, suede and genuine leather. A solid heel counter provides a secure fit, while the upper provides an adaptive fit for ultimate comfort. The lacing area has an elastic band, which saves the owners of a narrow or thin foot. A special dual-layer midsole with a foam midsole provides soft cushioning. These Balenciaga sneakers for men have a huge selection of colors.

Balenciaga Arena


This model is closer to sneakers than to sneakers, the similarity is complemented by high lacing and a classic silhouette. Here the choice of varieties is not limited to color – you can find options from different materials. More often it is genuine leather, suede and other variations, including even crocodile skin. The price for such Balenciaga sneakers is not the lowest, which is explained by premium materials and tailoring quality, at first glance it is clear that this is an expensive thing.

How To Buy Balenciaga Sneakers Original

The best way to buy Balenciaga women’s sneakers will help you to buy a parcel – with the help of our service it is easy to make purchases from reliable foreign sellers. This is not only a way to protect yourself from fakes, but also to buy at the best price. The main store where you should look Balenciaga sneakers is the official website of the brand. There is an excellent choice, the most complete catalog, you can always choose the required sizes.

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