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How difficult it is to choose a sex toy among all the variety that is usually presented in a sex shop. It is especially difficult for those who discover this new world for the first time. We remind you that you can always ask for help from our managers – no need to be shy or embarrassed. We assure you that we have had to deal with such client requests that you are unlikely to surprise or scare us.

Well, if courage is still not enough, then at least read this article – here we will talk about the coolest brands producing sex toys!

Satisfyer Review

Satisfyer is a German brand that only the lazy don’t know about today. What is beautiful? Yes to everyone!

  • Pure German quality
  • Flawless medical grade silicone
  • A huge variety of toys: vibrators, vacuum cleaners, toys for couples, and even menstrual cups
  • Price! Satisfyer offers the best value for money

The brand gained its first popularity thanks to vacuum stimulators. Despite the fact that Womanizer became a pioneer in the world of vacuum stimulation (which, by the way, also produces incredible devices), Satisfyer quickly caught up with its main competitor, and if not overtaken, then at least stood somewhere nearby. What’s the matter? Womanizer offers awesome toys, but not everyone will pull their price tag, while Satisfyer has no less cool devices, but at a much nicer price! Yes, we are spraying, you can see for yourself.

To date, the brand has won over 282 design awards! The company is moving with the times – for example, in 2020 Satisfyer releases its first toy that can be synchronized to control with a smartphone. If you don’t know where to start (and you have a clitoris), try the Satisfyer Pro 2  , the vacuum cleaner loved by thousands of women around the world!

Lovense Review

And for good reason – it was Lovense who introduced the world to the first “smart” vibrator that can be controlled via the Internet. How did it come about? The fact is that in 2009, the founder of the Singapore brand was in a long-distance relationship. He was looking for ways to make intimate relationships closer and more sensual, and he succeeded. Well, then – more:

  • In 2011-2012, the company is working on the development of toys for “him” and “her”
  • In 2013 the world welcomes the first male masturbator with Bluetooth Max and the first rabbit vibrator with Bluetooth Nora
  • In 2015, the company introduced the Lush Vibrating Bullet, which was the first toy capable of being controlled using the Apple Watch.
  • In 2016, the brand releases (after long preparations) the Hush butt plug with Bluetooth
  • In 2017, Lovense greatly expanded their line of toys, adding 4 new devices at once: the Edge prostate massager , the Domi mini vand, the Osci G-spot stimulator and the Ambi vibrating bullet.

In the future, the company is working on improving existing toys, releasing a water-based lubricant, and in 2020 it will release the long-awaited Ferri panty mini vibrator and, in a limited number, the unique Mission G-spot vibrator.

For Valentine’s Day 2021, the company is giving us another wonderful gift – in addition to the updated Lush 3 model, the  world is getting acquainted with the diamo vibrating erection ring .

In general, as you can see, the brand does not stand still – it is constantly developing, listening to the opinions of users and improving the toys already loved by many. In addition, of course, it is worth noting the impeccable quality of work and materials of toys. Definitely, this brand deserves your attention!

Swakom Review

Svakom was first talked about in 2013, the same year their first toy appeared. Yes, not simple! It was the world famous Siime endoscopic vibrator  – now you could see the whole process from the inside. The toy caused conflicting impressions – the idea “didn’t work” for someone, and someone considered it incredible (first of all, probably, fans of games based on a medical scenario). One way or another, but they started talking about the brand.

For more than 8 years of its existence, the brand has become world famous, today Svakom products are represented in more than 100 countries around the world. By the way, an interesting fact: the manufacturer directs part of the proceeds from the sale of toys to charity – to the AIDS Foundation and to the fund for helping women suffering from breast cancer.

The brand is certainly not the cheapest, but we believe that the prices for devices are absolutely fair. After all, Svakom is:

  • Premium Quality
  • First class materials
  • Huge selection of devices for every taste
  • Tons of awards in various fields.

Here you can see what toys from Svakom you can buy in our store Yes, with a minimum margin – pay attention.

Bathmate Review

Purely. Male. Manufacturer.

Bathmate is an English brand founded in 2006. And this is the best hydropump manufacturer for penis enlargement. During its existence, the company has sold over 1 million hydropumps!

On the Internet, they are still arguing whether it is possible to enlarge a penis using a hydropump or not. We will put it this way: it is unlikely that urologists will recommend a product if it does not bring real benefits to a person. Yes, Bathmate is recommended by doctors as an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement. Plus, on the net you can find hundreds of reviews from satisfied owners of this miracle.

Every year Bathmate wins awards in various areas:

  • So, in 2014 alone, the company received the award “Best penis enlargement device” in Berlin, “The most innovative product for men” at the Adultex exhibition in Australia
  • 2017 “Best Male Penis Enlargement Product” at Erofame Hannover
  • In 2018 “Best Penis Enlargement Device Award” at Adultex.

Of course, hydropumps aren’t all that Bathmate has come up with. The company also produces erection rings, anal plugs and other devices designed for men.

Physics By Toyfa Review

In fact, PHYSICS is not a manufacturer, but a separate line of intimate devices produced under the Toyfa brand. These toys are thought out to the smallest detail and designed on the verge of physics and anatomy.

What is special about the PHYSICS series? Well look:

  • These toys are made from premium medical grade silicone.
  • Each toy has a unique functional feature – either electric stimulation, or pulsating balls in the head and heating
  • Affordable prices
  • Anatomically accurate – these toys are designed to give pleasure, and they will definitely deliver it!

We note in advance: electrical stimulation is not scary and does not hurt. I know you’ve already run these questions through your head. Electric stimulation is not only a pleasant addition to sex, but also a beneficial effect on the muscles of the pelvic floor! Ever heard of Kegel workouts? So, electric stimulation is Kegel training for the lazy. The current causes the muscles to contract involuntarily, thereby strengthening them! It’s great, do you agree? You can see the toys here .

JOS Review

JOS is a Chinese sex toy brand. But don’t let this fact confuse you – JOS products got into our TOP brands for a reason.

What makes the brand special:

  • All toys are made of high quality medical grade silicone.
  • The price range is very pleasant – see for yourself
  • A huge selection of devices for various purposes and functionality – and balls for Kegel exercises, and vibrators, and vibration stimulators, and heated toys, and rotators, in general, everything, everything, everything

But the hallmark of the brand is considered to be vibrators equipped with a process for vacuum stimulation of the clitoris, like JUM or MILO .

ESKA Review

The Belarusian brand ESKA has gained popularity as a manufacturer of eco-friendly intimate cosmetics. ESKA lubricants are really cool! That’s why:

  • Contains no parabens, glycerin, PEGs or silicones
  • Not tested on animals
  • Can be used by pregnant and lactating women
  • Universal: for anal, and for vaginal, and for oral sex. Dada, ESKA can be eaten
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No perfumes or fragrances

ESKA lubricants are recommended by gynecologists in Russia and the CIS, the brand has a hygiene certificate confirming that lubricants comply with sanitary standards.

Shunga Review

Shunga is one of the most famous brands of intimate and massage products. The Canadian brand was founded in 2000, and during its existence has earned many awards in various fields:

  • “Best Wholesale Collection” in 2010
  • “Best Women’s Product” in 2011
  • Bath & Body Product of the Year 2013
  • “Best Cosmetics Manufacturer of the Year” in 2014
  • “Best Massage Product” in 2018 and more.

Shunga’s mission is to provide quality intimacy enhancing products for couples who want to add variety and sensuality to their lovemaking. And the brand is clearly succeeding! What are warming edible massage oils worth (for example, this one ) – an equally magnificent and very tasty oil is hidden in a magnificent bottle.

Separately, I would like to note that Shunga is not only about sex. The brand’s cosmetics collection also includes relaxation products: bath salt, bath gel and massage aroma oils in the form of candles.

Well, now you know which brands you should definitely trust! If you still have questions or any doubts – write, we will be happy to help!

Mystim Review

Another “German” in our top is the Mystim brand, which produces sex toys and intimate cosmetics.

The brand was founded in 2005. Today, many people associate Mystim primarily with electrical stimulators – sex toys that stimulate with current, although the brand’s collection also includes vibrators that are familiar to most.

Of course, like other famous brands, Mystim boasts a large number of awards in various categories:

  • 2019 – BDSM Product of the Year (Sign Awards)
  • 2018 – Best BDSM Toy (Sign Awards)
  • 2018 – Best Manufacturer (VENUS International Award)
  • 2017 – Best Electrical Stimulation Toy (Sign Awards)
  • 2016 – the best manufacturer and the best product line (VENUS international award)

and many others.

As you can see, in recent years the brand has received at least two awards for its BDSM product. The collection of toys is simply replete with options for the “darest” – in the end, even a simple vibrator, but equipped with a current stimulation function, will not dare to try everyone.

Orgie Review

A company with Brazilian roots and European quality standards – Orgie specializes in the production of intimate products and cosmetics for daily care from natural ingredients.

Orgie cosmetics are loved by many for their original structure and incredible aromas. The brand produces massage and mineral oils, perfumes, massage gels, fragrant moisturizing sprays for hair and body with pheromones, lip glosses with a vibration effect (yes, after applying it to the lips, a slight vibration effect is felt) and much more.

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