The first word in the name of the company ABERCROMBIE & FITCH means nothing more than the name of its founding father, the second word is also a proper name and belongs to the partner of the founder of the company, who joined the business a little later. And the fascinating history of the enterprise began more than a hundred years ago.

David Abercrombie himself in those days was known among the people as an excellent hunter, fisherman and generally a desperate traveler who can handle any mountains. It was his hobbies that formed the basis of the assortment of the brainchild he created. At first, the company produced only clothes and equipment for such activities. I must say that the clothes turned out to be of very high quality, reliable, and even carried a certain authentic American spirit, which attracted the first, second and all subsequent buyers to the company.

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And the lawyer Ezra Fitch also appreciated the sports direction in the assortment of the enterprise, and, without much hesitation, decided to become a partner of the charismatic David. For a long time after that, they worked together to create outdoor clothing collections for athletes, tourists and other romantics.

But over time, the brand began to gradually transform and change the basic style of the created clothes, without losing the truly American spirit inherent in each of its models in each season, in each collection.

As a result, modern clothing ABERCROMBIE & FITCH has become a fashionable youth brand, and slender, fit athletic guys wear its polo, jumpers and shirts with the same brand elk on the logo with a special chic.

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH Review Ecouponsdeals

Attention is also paid to girls, and the choice of stylish wardrobe items from ABERCROMBIE & FITCH is quite large and varied for them, in addition, the brand presents a whole line of clothing for children and teenagers. The quality of branded clothing today leaves many competitors far behind. In production, reliable natural fabrics of exquisite quality and pleasant texture are used.

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH is very sensitive to its products and brand reputation, so the products of this brand cannot be purchased in multi-brand stores or from intermediaries. All products are sold exclusively in the company’s branded boutiques located in different countries of the world, as well as through the official online store.


ABERCROMBIE & FITCH Review Ecouponsdeals

The range of the brand contains absolutely all the details of the wardrobe for modern young men and women, boys and girls: shirts in fashionable colors made of cotton of the highest quality, trousers in urban and sporty styles, T-shirts, traditional polos, jumpers and cardigans, outerwear, dresses, skirts , swimwear, trendy denim models and, of course, shoes that are comfortable, soft and stylish.

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH Promotions and Discounts

The ABERCROMBIE & FITCH store, of course, holds various promotions and sales, as well as issues branded promo codes, which customers can use to get significant discounts on their favorite products.

Shipping & Payment

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH provides buyers from other countries with two options for paying for their purchases: through the PayPal payment system, as well as directly from a bank card. In any case, the purchase amount is debited from the buyer’s account only after his order has been processed and shipped.

All the same protection of branded goods from resale by third parties also serves as a reason for limiting the number of purchased goods of the same model – no more than two copies in one order.

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