7 Beauty Tips From the Internet That You Should Not Trust


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Coconut Oil Instead Of Face Cream Reviews

Is coconut oil good for your skin? Benefits and uses at ecouponsdeals.com

Coconut oil became one of the most sought after beauty products a few years ago. At first, his fans brought oil from Thailand, then European and Australia brands began to produce it. Today, coconut oil is used for hair, body and face care.

It is just difficult to agree with the last method of application. Coconut oil has a too dense texture, and therefore it can be dangerous for oily and combination problem skin – it will simply clog pores, cause an outbreak of acne and blackheads.

Red Pepper Hair Masks Reviews

Red Pepper Hair Masks

Hair loss is a problem that each of us can face due to frequent dyeing, improper care or health problems. The network is often advised to use burning masks based on red pepper or mustard to combat it. Their effectiveness is explained by burning: it stimulates the hair follicles and makes the hair grow faster.

The problem is that burning compounds must be applied to the scalp, and this is a direct path to peeling, redness and allergic swelling.

Teeth Whitening With Baking Soda Reviews

Teeth Whitening With Baking Soda ecouponsdeal.com

Whitening in the office of a professional dentist is more expensive than using the simplest life hack from the Internet, the authors of which suggest mixing baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and citric acid, and then brushing your teeth with the resulting composition.

But regular “whitening” in this way is a reliable way to make visits to the dentist frequent. Aggressive components quickly destroy enamel and aggravate existing caries, and also irritate the mucous membranes in the mouth.

Sticking Eyelashes on the Mucous Membrane of the Eyelid Reviews

Sticking Eyelashes on the Mucous Membrane of the Eyelid

Girls from South Korea are known for their love of self-improvement – they do everything to become the owners of porcelain skin, sensual lips and lush eyelashes. At the same time, Korean women are trying to achieve a natural result, for which they go to very risky tricks.

So that false eyelashes do not differ from their own, Korean women stick bunches directly under the colliery contour, on the upper mucous membrane of the eye. This shocks ophthalmologists: in most cases, such a life hack will provoke conjunctivitis or allergic reactions.

Contour Pencil As A Base For Lipstick Reviews

13 Lip Liner Hacks to Apply Lipstick Easier - L'Oréal Paris

The only type of lipstick that is guaranteed to last is one that has a matte texture. Glitters, lipsticks with a glossy and vinyl finish do not promise such a prerogative: they treacherously “run away” from the surface of the lips after kisses, dinner or a glass of wine. Tips from the network usually suggest applying powder on the lips before applying lipstick, or use another, supposedly more effective advice.

To do this, you need to paint over the surface of the lips with a liner, which you usually use to create a contour. But such pencils are a bit dry, so when applied, you injure your lips or provoke reddening of the border around them.

How To Lip Enlarger

Lip Enlarger at ecouponsdeal.com

It’s not about hyaluronic fillers or gloss plumpers that cause blood flow to the surface of the lips. In online stores you can find a budget lip enlarger that resembles a silicone jar for anti-cellulite massage. It gives plumpness to the lips due to the vacuum, so it is no less common to use glasses or other containers that fit the shape and are easily applied to the lips.

The achieved result will last literally for 10-15 minutes, but then redness and hematomas will appear: bloggers on social networks regularly complain about bruising on the lips, provoked by the enlarger.

Fixing Makeup With Hairspray Reviews

Fixing Makeup With Hairspray | Ecouponsdeal.com

No one will be surprised by the fact that there are special fixative sprays that prolong the life of the make-up. Of particular interest to them arises during the summer heat or the autumn-winter season, since the makeup “flows” from heat or humidity. Such sprays exist in the lines of luxury and mass market cosmetics, but still there was a way to save on the purchase of such a product.

On the net, you can stumble upon advice to replace the spray with regular hairspray. Even without deep knowledge in the analysis of the composition of cosmetics, many girls themselves guess that if you follow this advice, rashes and irritations cannot be avoided.

We trust online reviews and use them to find new cosmetics, the perfect perfume and the best beautician. However, not all life hacks from the Internet are worth trying for yourself. 

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